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Data center technology

1.1 Data Center Technology Overview Data Center can be understood as what we call “central computer room”. It is an important physical platform in information construction. It includes two factors: key equipment and key physical infrastructure. The data center centrally manages various data information through core equipment such as computer equipment, server equipment, network equipment, storage equipment, and security management equipment in a limited physical space, thereby realizing centralized processing, centralized storage, and exchange of data information. , transmission and provision of various application services. At the same time, the key physical infrastructure provides the necessary environmental protection for the above-mentioned key equipment such as power supply system, refrigeration system, cabinet system, integrated wiring system, fire protection system and monitoring system.
According to the size and number of clients, data centers can be divided into: departmental data centers, enterprise data centers, Internet data centers, and hosted data centers.
At present, all IT companies, such as telecom operators, e-commerce, and domain name service providers, and large-scale non-IT enterprises have data centers suitable for their own business needs to support the production and operation activities of the entire company. It can be said that the data center is not only the enterprises. The heartland is also the "central nervous system" of the global information environment.

1.2 Data Center Technology Development Trends With the rapid development of high-tech and the special needs of more new businesses, data centers are constantly evolving and moving toward more efficient, energy-saving and centralized:

1 Data Center Virtualization The average resource utilization of conventional data centers is currently unable to reach 50%, or even between 20% and 30%. Server resources are idle in most cases, but traditional physical servers. In other words, even in the idle state, the power consumption will exceed 50% of the running peak. The idle device also consumes a large amount of power resources, and the idle device also brings unnecessary energy consumption to the cooling system of the data center.

To solve such problems, you need to virtualize the server. Transform the servers in the data center from the original different types and different specifications into a relatively unified single mode, customize the corresponding types of servers (such as blade servers) according to the needs of the data center, and establish a unified virtuality on the same specification server. The layer breaks the original single independent resource of the server, so that all the server resources are merged together to form a large “resource pool”, and the planning and allocation are unified according to the service requirements, so that the utilization of resources is realized dynamically. This will greatly improve the utilization of the overall resources of the data center, and at the same time, it can effectively reduce the excessive consumption of energy by idle resources and save unnecessary energy consumption.

2 data network and storage network convergence

Current data centers are generally separated from data networks and storage networks. This design not only increases the pressure on the integrated wiring system, but also brings a lot of tedious work to the management. What people want most is to be able to merge the two networks together, to revoke the pure data Fibre Channel, and to use Ethernet Fibre Channel (FCoE) to achieve a perfect integration of the data network and the storage network.

Currently, FCoE-enabled switches fully support Fibre Channel-based data transmission services over Ethernet; while 10 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces will gradually replace Gigabit Ethernet interfaces on server boards; 40G and 100G high-speed Ethernet transmission technologies are also available. Steady progress, the converged data and storage transport network will provide a simple, powerful and efficient bandwidth guarantee for virtualized data centers to meet end users' higher performance calculations and faster data transfer rates.

3 Green data center Data center is a large energy consumer. It is an indisputable fact that the energy cost of the data center can exceed its own construction cost for several years. The data center's large consumption of energy and other energy sources brings high operating costs to enterprises, and it also deviates from the current "construction-saving society" advocated by China. Therefore, green data centers with the purpose of energy conservation will also become a major trend in the development of data centers.
The Green Data Center requires data center critical equipment and critical physical infrastructure to maximize energy efficiency and minimize environmental impact. Green data centers are an inevitable trend in the development of data centers. In the initial design of a data center, it is necessary to plan from the aspects of building energy conservation, operation management, energy efficiency, etc., so that software, hardware and operation management can measure whether a data center is “green” in the form of a whole system. So that the entire data center system is energy efficient, highly reliable, scalable, reasonable and reusable.

1.3 Application in digital cities

The construction of a smart city, whether realized by any kind of concept and solution, must have a basic "physical platform" for the huge data, high-speed network and high-speed, safe and efficient information it needs. The calculation provides operation and maintenance support. This requires that the smart city must have a matching data center to provide long-term and efficient operation and maintenance support during the construction and later operation. With the continuous development and improvement of data center technology, the construction of smart cities will certainly be built on a more efficient, safer and more energy-saving green "smart" operation and maintenance platform.

Excerpts from the book "Towards Big Data - From Digital Beijing to Wisdom Beijing"

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