The 6th Beijing International LED Exhibition Jiangmen Jihua Optoelectronics is popular

From May 7th to 9th, the three-day Beijing International LED Exhibition was successfully concluded at the Beijing International Exhibition Center. The exhibition has a wide range of radiation and influence, attracting many domestic and foreign professional buyers, well-known enterprises and industry media. According to the incomplete statistics of the organizers, the number of exhibitors reached 10,000 people, and more than 30 media outlets reported.

On the opening day of the exhibition, the first National LED Industry and Municipal Application Summit Forum was held in the conference room of the China International Exhibition Center Complex. Professionals from all walks of life jointly discussed LED industry policies, market and industry development trends and municipal applications. At the opening ceremony of this exhibition, representatives of Beijing Municipal People's Government officials, China Intellectual Property Research Association, China National Trade Promotion Association, European Energy Conservation Association and other relevant industry associations.

Jiangmen Jihua Optoelectronics

With the continuous growth of the LED product market and the continuous innovation of LED technology, the LED industry will enjoy rapid and healthy development. Under the support of national policies, the LED industry will also usher in unprecedented historical development opportunities. Jiangmen City has recently issued preferential policies for the development of the LED industry, and is highly concerned about the LED industry. Li Ping, deputy secretary-general of the People's Government of Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province, is very concerned about the development of Jihua Optoelectronics. He said that he will vigorously support the development of Jiangmen LED industry and pay close attention to the development needs of LED enterprises.

Live picture:


Jiangmen Jihua Optoelectronics Exhibition Hall is based on the red and blue color of Heli's product brand. With its unique design style and innovative products, it attracts all parties' attention.


The exhibition hall is very popular, and the customers who consult at the front desk carefully check the product catalogue.


This exhibition attracted many customers from home and abroad to come to the exhibition.


Customers who just got off the plane and rushed to the show


Li Baoguo, former deputy director of the State Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision and honorary director of the LED Committee of the National High Enterprise Committee, visited the exhibition hall and discussed the LED packaging mode with Jihua Optoelectronics.


Li Ping, deputy secretary-general of the People's Government of Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province, is very concerned about the development of Jihua Optoelectronics.

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