Zhuzhou Lighting Design Project passed the expert revie…

On the morning of May 6, the Lighting Design Review Meeting was held in the West Conference Room on the second floor of Zhuzhou Municipal Government. Professor of Architecture School of Tsinghua University, Zhan Qingxuan, Consultant of China Lighting Society, Professor of Architecture and Urban Pla

Academician Shuai Zhigang: Lighting with plastic

Located in the northwest corner of Tsinghua University, He Tianlou is a newly built chemical research center. Professor Shuai Zhigang is working in this building. Not long ago, at the 45th Academician Conference of the International Academy of Quantum Molecular Sciences, Shuai Zhigang was elected

Lowest Power Silicon Verification Hi-Fi Audio Playback …

This article refers to the address: http:// MIPS Technologies Inc. announced that its Hi-Fi audio codec IP platform for Hi-Fi audio playback has achieved the world's lowest power consumption while achieving excellent performance in the 100dB dynamic range. The new CI7824sm audio codec sets a

Liu Xiang master and apprentice to the bird's nest:…

After the start of the Good Luck Beijing Track and Field Test Tournament, the National Stadium was fully utilized for the first time. All facilities, including the runway and grassland throwing area, received a comprehensive practical test. Most athletes use the rhetoric of the perfect and best sta

Talking about the art designer Yuan Zongnan (picture)

What is the current status of China's LED lighting market? What is the technological gap between LED lighting companies and foreign LED lighting companies? What are the new technologies and trends in LED industry? Where are the lighting application engineering requirements and opportunities for

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The "Regulations on the Implementation of the Labor Contract Law", which has been long awaited by all walks of life, finally came out on May 8 and began to be published in full text on the Chinese government legal information network, and publicly solicited from now until May 20 opinion.

From the water cube, the future world will be illuminat…

Green lighting LED lights up future life It is no longer an illusion to use only one lamp in a lifetime. The LED lamp that consumes only 10% of the incandescent lamp will become the mainstream lighting device in the world within 10 years with 80%~90% luminous efficiency and 100,000 hours of servic