Seoul Semiconductor launches 42 lumens per watt warm wh…

brief introduction: Seoul Semiconductor announced that Acriche, the world's first semiconductor lighting source for AC output, currently achieves warm white light close to daylight quality, making it ideal for general and indoor lighting applications. Warm white Acriche has 42 lumens per watt.

Talking about the application of Xenon lighting technol…

After the emergence of automotive lighting from the Xenon lighting technology, the human headlight lighting process has finally begun to break through and develop. Twice the brightness of ordinary halogen headlamps, energy consumption is only two-thirds, such as daylight-like lightin

Road lighting theme series design

How to choose new road lamps? Just look at the products of our peers such as: Ningbo Liaoyuan, Zhejiang Dafa, Changzhou Wanjiayao, it is not difficult to see that their road lighting products are very unique in shape and have formed a series in the market. Very competitive, the theme of the product

Lighting brand rushed to grab Urumqi in May (Figure)

In the hot May, the enthusiasm of the lighting brand in Urumqi could not be blocked. Throughout May, the Urumqi lighting market has undergone amazing changes. The reporter found that during this time, both in Hualing market and in the light city of Mercure Logistics Park, it was very lively, and th