How to design night lights

The director of the Lighting Design Institute of the Landscape Architecture Design and Research Institute of the China Academy of Art cuts in the song “Onion” and combines two examples of night lighting design to discuss the realizable effects of lighting design. The right lig

What business models are there in QR code?

The application of the QR code has the concepts of main reading and being read. In foreign countries, the platform-based service of QR code means that there is a platform for you to generate a QR code, and a variety of information such as pictures, texts, videos, etc. are attached to the back. Es

Editor's Message from the December issue of Gaogong…

[Source: "High-tech LED - Technology and Applications" December issue] Some time ago, Xiaobian saw a microblog about the Chinese and Jewish business, and was very touched. The content is this: a Jewish person opened a gas station in a place, the business was particularly good, the second

The product has a unique Guangyu Lighting won the 2012 …

On the evening of December 14, 2012, “2012 High-tech Golden Globe Award and High-tech LED Four-year Celebration Gala” was held in Shenzhen Guanlan Lake Golf Club (Dongguan Club). The theme of the conference was “Glory of the Future”, which invited nearly 350 CEOs from the LE

Zhang Zhongmou: optimistic about the semiconductor indu…

The global semiconductor industry has grown negative this year. TSMC chairman Zhang Zhongmou said yesterday that next year the global semiconductor industry will grow by 3%; TSMC’s performance is expected to grow by 15% to 15%, and R&D expenditure and capital expenditure will be

LED industry output will break 200 billion

Has the LED industry already reached the bottom? Zhang Xiaofei judged that next year from January to February is the industry’s “coldest and saddest” time point. He expects that there will be less than 30 epitaxial chip companies next year, and three domestic MOCVD equip

Interpreting the Investment Strategy for LED Segments i…

The industry strategy LED industry is currently at the bottom, and the operating rate of the peak leading enterprises that experienced production release is still high, which means that the high-end demand remains stable; In 2013, it will enter a high-speed growth period. It is expected th