Liader engages in cultural and technological industries…

On the afternoon of June 13, the signing ceremony of the 4th China-South Asia Expo and the 24th China Kunming Import and Export Commodities Fair was held in Kunming. In order to further promote the implementation of the “One Belt and One Road” and the national strategy of the Yangtze Ri

How can China Digital Cinema HD Network Set-Top Boxes?

In the field of high-definition network set-top boxes, Huayi Film has just been established soon, the brand does not have enough influence, and even some friends do not know the existence of the brand, but a recent set of data shows that the shadow box has a strong user cohe

Redditch adjusts the structure to attack intelligent li…

LED lighting secondary optical factory Red Dick, power attack intelligent lighting products, including automotive lighting, to provide professional-grade customers to adjust the high-end products, adjust the product structure, the first quarter gross margin of 39.74%, set the seventh quarter Since

The first international 4K certification mark will be i…

At present, 4K ultra high-definition has gradually become a civilian technology from unsurpassable high technology two or three years ago, but chaos on the 4K specification has also emerged in the market. In response, the international organization UHDA, the UHD Alliance, s

Optimize LED lighting, how to choose a driving solution…

Dr. Hong Yongxi, Director of New Business Development at Fairchild, said that by adding an energy storage network to each string of LEDs and working with many of China's top lighting manufacturers, the AC direct drive solution is designed to power from 12 W to 120 W. A variety of commercial and

Millet Rectangle Subwoofer Fault Dismantling!

Millet Rectangle Subwoofer Fault Dismantling! the reason: 1. The long audio and subwoofers are virtually disconnected! ! 2. No link and no sound! ! 3. The indicator light does not glow and no response! ! 4. The warranty period is not changed or repaired after one year (

How to use the box learning remote control?

Smart TV boxes are already well-known, many families have already purchased, and watching TV requires two remote controls, a remote control TV, and a remote set-top box. Feeling very troublesome is that after adding the set-top box, the TV's remote control is mainly use