Skyworth TV wireless network card how to network it?

There are many methods for Skyworth TV networking, such as wired network connection, wireless network connection, and wireless network card connection. Skyworth TV users can choose the networking method according to their own different needs. Now, Xiao Bian has introduced Skyworth TV wireless network card networking methods to all users to help you use them better.

Skyworth TV Cable Network Connection Tutorial

Skyworth TV Wireless Networking Tutorial

Skyworth TV wireless network connection method, graphic tutorial:

Step 1: Insert the purchased wireless network card into the Skyworth TV's USB port, and then turn on the TV.

Skyworth TV Wireless Networking Method Network Setup Tutorial

Step 2: Enter the main screen of Skyworth TV and select the "Network Settings" option in "My".

Skyworth TV Wireless Networking Method Network Setup Tutorial

Step 3: Select the “Wireless Network” setting again. Find your own network among the searched wireless network users. Enter the connection password and connect to the right status bar to display the correct information.

High Power Led Driver

In situations which require the use of high powered LEDs and/or a greater number of LEDs in series, a high Power Led Driver is an appropriate addition to the circuit. Care must be used not to overpower the circuit, as this can result in a number of burnt out lights. Applications which commonly require the use of a high power Led Driver include:

  • Automotive applications such as exterior LED lights (brake lights, tail lights, etc), display panel usage, interior vehicle lights, etc. 
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  • LED lights used in indoor plant growth facilities. 
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High Power Led Driver

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