Will the brand new brand of micro-whale TV bring shock whale to you?

For most families, the 55-inch TV has become the standard in the home. The first 55-inch smart TV is very affordable. Second, people’s life index is getting higher and higher. The standard. Third: the appearance of value, ultra-thin frame design, placed in the living room more atmospheric. Parents have an old saying: TV is getting smaller and smaller! In fact, when we used and watched TV for the first time, only the first time that we unboxed and put it on the TV cabinet, the impact of that big-screen TV became more prominent. As a child grows up, parents and relatives do not perceive the child’s rapid growth on a daily basis. Only the long-lost friends and relatives feel more like this change.

Micro whale WTV55K1 4K smart TV using LG original 4K hard screen design, resolution up to 38,402,160, true 4K screen, the definition of high-definition TV 4 times, is said to be able to show 1.07 billion kinds of colors, very powerful. At the same time, the appearance of gray and black design also makes TV more useless living room and home.

Open the micro-whale TV, usher in the first 4k TV in life, the design of the micro-whale TV WTV55K1 is simple but not simple, with ultra-narrow frame design, and the value of the face is very high. Although the TV does not look at the back and sides of the TV after being placed, the daily family's living room is very large and small, and the slim design can leave the living room bigger

The display frame of the micro-whale TV WTV55K1 is only 6.8mm. The design of the black and gold-plated gold-brushed borders is very delicate after the 20,000-rpm high-speed diamond grinding process is applied to the border, bringing a stronger aluminum alloy frame. Texture. Space, but also let the TV display freely.

Take a look at the back of the Whale TV WTV55K1, a cute little whale LOGO on the back of the TV. The power button is designed in the lower left corner of the back and various interfaces are in the lower right corner. In addition to the back of the TV, the first time it was unpacked and placed into the connection signal line and power cord, we rarely paid attention to the back of the TV. In fact, the TV back was also a detail that was easily overlooked when we purchased the TV. There were very few openings and The hidden design of the interface makes the TV look more concise on the back, and it also reflects a company's pursuit of extreme detail. It is also a breakthrough in industrial design, but it is recommended to match and back the position of the screw hole on the back. Filled with a soft rubber stopper of the same color as the board, the screw hole filling of the same color soft rubber plug can make the TV back more beautiful and concise. Hopefully, the micro-whales can give solutions to this detail in the later period, after all, as users like perfection.

Take a look at the rich interface: HDMI, AV and RJ45, S/PDIF, etc., very rich and practical. HDMI2.0, USB3.0 and SD card and other access devices, U disk, hard disk can be freely inserted, watching high-definition movies more convenient. The integration of multiple interfaces may be something we don't use, but once we have this interface needs it will be used.

The remote controller of the Whale WTV55K1 has also gone through a simplified design, removing our common 1~9 keys, and more is the integration of simple function keys. The TV remote control is quick and does not require additional learning costs. The Bluetooth remote control is standard. The function is more Chinese than Siri, built specifically for the Chinese people, get rid of the tedious multi-buttons of the traditional remote control, speak the movies and channels you want to see, you can open the second, while the integration of Bluetooth remote control compared to the traditional infrared remote control, Its operating accuracy, span, and area are all significant improvements.

A variety of color experience whale WTV55K1, visual impact is very strong 10bit hair color number, 1.07 billion color night scene is very perfect. The whale WTV55K1 panel uses the LG original 4K hard screen, RGB 4K screen with a color resolution of 38,402,160, and the viewing angle reaches 178°. In fact, it has approached 180°. Although we do not watch TV from the very side, we have a large size. The perspective is still worth mentioning. The appearance of the first black-on-white or unsightly appearance of the earliest LCD TVs no longer exists.

In the micro-whale WTV55K1 TV, the micro-whale for the 2K signal source also incorporates 24 enhancement techniques. The purpose is to allow the user to feel the 4K effect after outputting the 2K effect signal source.

Let's take a look at the system interface of the Micro Whale WTV55K1. The 4-core Mali-450 image processor fully supports H.265 10 bit hard decoding, mainstream video format, and 4K decoding is worth mentioning. The same resources for various movies, television and variety shows are also very rich.

Micro-Whale TV UI is also relatively simple, users do not need too much experience to be familiar with the operation of the various interfaces, if you still feel trouble can use the Bluetooth remote control voice to choose your favorite movie and entertainment variety show, currently very variety shows, The hit shows never fall and the update speed is fast. Hong Kong TVB program also has everything. The micro-whale TV uses the Galaxy Internet TV camera. It owns powerful content resources such as CMC's, TVB, Canxing, Time Warner, Oriental DreamWorks, I-MAX China, and so on. The resources are very rich. Most of the new smart TVs introduced today are based on 4K screens. In the micro whale TV UI, we suggest adding 4K sources to the independent section. Now that the speed of home networks has improved, many users prefer the 4K TVs. On-demand high-definition 4K source, after all, 4K source with 4K screen with high-quality sound effects bring the sense of theater and impact are very shocking.

Micro Whale TV WTV55K1 4K TV is considered to be a leading video screen in terms of workmanship, value, system, application, and resources. It is equal to the current flagship TV and also expresses its own craft beauty and style. 1.7 million colors, LG original 4K hard screen with 4K high quality source, visual and auditory is a very good experience, watch a small movie at home on weekends, turn off the lights, open the micro whale TV, as if there is The feeling of watching the movie in the package field is very good.

At present, it is a pity that this type of micro-whale TV does not support 3D functions. In fact, how to say this, 3D functions are just like the NFC function on mobile phones, and 3D video sources are not rich enough to achieve actual playback effects. It is time-consuming and laborious to download 3D video sources by yourself. With 3D sources, home TV is still based on news and entertainment programs, so this is very embarrassing, but as a user, no matter how you use them, it's better than nothing, but as I personally, I usually say Going home to work at night really is not looking at the special needs of 3D, is to look at the news, to see the main entertainment.

to sum up:
As a singer "Li Jian" as the chief technical advisor of the new brand of micro-whale TV, whether it can bring you shock whale? Is it your dish? Is it right for your appetite? I believe there will be an answer in your heart to see the full body experience. As a 55-inch TV purchase brand, there will certainly be a small whale.

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