What are the new products that have been called "overturning television"?

On March 23rd, no-screen TV founder Mimi and Xiaomi, an important brand of Internet TV, will release new television products in Beijing.

Before the conference, Mami issued a new warm-up poster through the official Weibo. "We don't make TV. We subvert TV." This move seems to be responding to Xiaomi's previous "not only to create television, but also a mass-aggregation content platform." Poster. However, if you think about it carefully, besides ridiculing, I am afraid that Miji is more concerned with the theme of “really looking at the investment” of his conference.

Before the press conference, the invitation letter sent by Mimi did not show any new product related information. The gift sent with the invitation was a roll of tape for measurement. In addition, the theme of the conference, "Looking at the investment," focuses on "big", which makes people have to guess that the focus of this conference is related to the projection size. The number of non-screen TVs released last year by Maxim has achieved a maximum investment of 300 inches in size, which is equivalent to 2.5 times the price of LeTV's 120-inch TV. If we continue to seek breakthroughs in size this time, it is really going to be "big" to heaven. Before a lot of media broke the news, the price of the flagship product launched by Mimi will reach 6,999 yuan. In this regard, the sofa network Xiao Bian has always been very skeptical, after all, in addition to Apple, few technology companies can sell civilian-grade products to this price.

The results of the conference verify the views of Xiao Bian. The company released its flagship machine at the new product launch conference on March 23rd: the 3D full HD 1080p screenless TV H1. The biggest feature of this product is its high brightness of 900 Ansi lumens. You can normally see a clear picture without pulling the curtain during the day.

In terms of hardware configuration, the M1 is equipped with the Mstar 6A928 quad-core 1.75GHz Cortex A17 CPU, Mail-T760 3D GPU and 3GB of memory, and supports 4K2K@60Hz hard decoding and HDMI 2.0 interfaces. Equipped with a remote control with voice recognition, Bluetooth remote control, electric focus, squirrels and gravity sensors and other functions.

In terms of user experience, Rumi No Screen TV H1 is equipped with a GMUI operating system optimized for large screens. It is very simple and easy to use, and it is updated every two weeks. At the same time, H1 has WiFi audio and Bluetooth audio functions, and supports mobile devices such as mobile phones. use. On the content, it cooperates with Baidu Music and Mango TV. It has a nominal 10 million music library and 300,000 hours of video content.

It is reported that no rice screen TV H1 price 4999 yuan, including 360 yuan worth of Mango TV a year VIP authority, will start March 23rd in Jingdong Mall appointment, on April 1 full net spot sale. At present, users can already search for this product in Jingdong, and can make an appointment.

In addition, the pole meter also brought a resolution of 38,402,160 rear projection ultra-high-definition no-screen TV T1 and 76804420 rear projection ultra-high-definition no-screen TV T2, the brightness reached 3600 Ansi lumens and 14400 Ansi lumens. The selling price is 399.9 million yuan and 299,000 yuan respectively. Currently, they are all in the engineering machine state and will enter the market later this year with the "appointment + custom + full service" sales model.

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