Cognitive Internet of Things

In recent years, with the rapid development of key technologies such as sensor networks, radio frequency identification, cloud computing, and mobile Internet, the Internet of Things (IoT) has become an “engine” that promotes industrial upgrading and moves toward the information society and is highly valued by countries around the world. It will promote information. Industry entered the third wave. Due to the wide range of applications of the Internet of Things and most of the current spectrum has been authorized for fixed use, solving the problem of shortage of spectrum resources in the Internet of Things is an important issue facing the current development of the Internet of Things.

Cognitive Internet of Things can be regarded as a "distributed network of cognitive radio sensor nodes". By implementing cognitive radio technology in the Internet of Things, it can effectively solve the problem of spectrum resources and other issues facing the Internet of Things. As a more intelligent spectrum sharing technology, cognitive radio can rely on the support of artificial intelligence to perceive the wireless communication environment, adaptively change system operating parameters in real time according to certain learning and decision-making algorithms, and dynamically detect and effectively use idleness. Spectrum, in theory, allows multidimensional spectrum reuse in time, frequency, and space, and plays an important role in realizing cognitive Internet of Things.

In cognitive internet of things, the cognitive radio technology used by cognitive users must be able to scan a specific spectrum range and intelligently determine which frequency bands are available for data transmission. This process is called spectrum sensing. For Cognitive Internet of Things, achieving reliable spectrum sensing is a challenging task. How to recognize and reconfigure to get the best available spectrum, how to share the spectrum with legal authorized users without interference? Through spectrum sensing and dynamic spectrum allocation, the nodes of the Internet of Things can change the parameters of the transmitting end according to changes in the environment, thereby improving spectrum utilization.

On the basis of spectrum sensing, the cognitive Internet of Things can dynamically allocate spectrum according to the spectrum requirements of the network, so that each radio access network negotiates to allocate spectrum resources, interacts with the surrounding environment, and further takes appropriate actions based on the information obtained through the interaction. Behavior, thus achieving the optimal use of spectrum resources and the goal of maximizing system revenue.

With more and more applications of the Internet of Things, spectrum sensing and dynamic spectrum division of the Internet of Things based on cognitive radio technology will have broad application prospects.

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