New Shoreline launches the industry's thinnest full-featured 3G tablet

21ic News New Shoreline launched the industry's cutting-edge products at the Hong Kong Autumn Electronics Show on the 13th – the industry's thinnest 7-inch all-in-one integrated new shoreline application processor NS115 and dual-mode 3G baseband chip Telink7619 The function of the 3G tablet has become the focus of the show.

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The shape of the tablet is outstanding: it has captured the attention of everyone because it is the thinnest in the industry - only 8.6mm, which is lighter and more fashionable than similar products. As we all know, the development of tablet PCs tends to be portable, and the exquisite appearance is the essence of technology, and it is also one of the elements of the product in an invincible position in the market. In addition to the ultra-thin body, its screen uses a 7-inch IPS screen, capacitive touch, resolution of up to 1024 × 600. This tablet comes with the new 3G module MU600 from the new shoreline. It uses the 3G module MU600 of the dual-mode 3G baseband chip Telink7619 platform independently developed by New Shoreline. It is also based on the new shoreline communication computing platform "Taishan". "The first product, the new shoreline application processor NS115 baseband processor Telink7619 chip compatibility and performance experience in the true sense of the perfect implementation, is also an important milestone in the new shoreline to achieve communication computing integrated market strategy .

The industry's thinnest 3G calling 7-inch tablet supports multiple functions such as GPS, Bluetooth V4.0 and wireless network. The front and rear camera pixels are up to 30M and 200M respectively, and the memory card and memory are 8G and 1G respectively. Leading the industry.

The NS115 is unique in terms of power consumption in many dual-core platforms on the market today. The new shoreline solves the problem of high heat generation and high power consumption in the dual-core platform through the technical advantages. It does not require heat dissipation design in the development of tablet PCs, so it is possible to introduce such a thin product design. It is expected that this tablet with NS115 dual-core chip 1.5GHz, Cortex A9 architecture and Android 4.0.3 operating system will also become one of the representative works of the new shoreline.

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