Computer boot press f1, boot press f1 solution

Computer boot press f1, boot press f1 solution: sometimes the computer boot prompts boot press f1, the following is the most commonly used method we recommend to deal with this problem, more common, under normal circumstances this situation is Not allowed to happen, such as many public computer query because of the use of touch control, generally no keyboard, in this case generally require the computer expert to deal with, how to cancel the boot f1, now I love computer network to sort out some boot press f1 Causes and solutions, do not ask experts, according to the following method to deal with can successfully solve this problem

1.Press ESC to skip memory test

Corresponding to Chinese: In memory check, press ESC to skip.

Explanation: This is because there is no second, third, or fourth test to skip memory in CMOS. The memory test will be executed four times after booting. Of course, you can press ESC to end the memory check. Too much trouble, you can enter the COMS settings and select BIOS FEATURS SETUP to set the Quick Power On Self Test to

Enabled, restart the boot after saving.

2.Keyboard error or no keyboard present

Corresponding to Chinese: The keyboard is incorrect or the keyboard is not connected.

Explanation: Check if the keyboard connection is loose or damaged.

3.Hard disk install failure

Corresponding to Chinese: Hard disk installation failed.

Explanation: This is because the hard disk power cable or data cable may not be connected properly or the hard disk jumper is set improperly. You can check if the connection of the hard disk is plugged in. Check whether the jumpers of the two hard disks on the same data line are the same. If they are the same, just set the jumpers of the two hard disks to be different. (One is set to Master and the other is set to Slave.) It may also be the power cable of the hard disk. The data cable may not be connected properly or the hard disk jumper may be improperly set.

4.CMOS battery failed

Corresponding to Chinese: CMOS battery failure.

Explanation: This shows that the CMOS battery is dead. Just remove the button battery on the motherboard and replace it with a new battery. Most motherboards use 3V button batteries. Don't buy 5V batteries! You can clearly see the words “3V” on the surface of the battery.

5.CMOS check sum error-Defaults loaded

Corresponding to Chinese: CMOS found an error when performing all checks. It is necessary to load the system default values.

Explanation: Generally speaking, this sentence is to say that the battery is running out of power. You can try another battery first. If the problem is still not resolved, then the CMOS RAM may be a problem that the average person will not encounter. Mostly it is the incomplete refresh of the motherboard BIOS. The only way to deal with it is to reflash the BIOS, but it is not guaranteed to succeed.

If you don't go to the dealer for a motherboard after one year, let the dealer send it back to the manufacturer to repair it after a year!

6.Secondary slave hard fail

Corresponding to Chinese: Failed to detect slave disk

Explanation: It may be that the CMOS is not set properly. For example, if there is no slave, but it is set as a slave in CMOS, an error will occur. Then you can enter the COMS setting and select IDE HDD AUTO.

DETECTION performs automatic disk detection. It may also be that the hard disk power cable, data cable may not be connected properly, or the hard disk jumper is set improperly. Please refer to Article 5 for the solution.

7.Floppy Disk(s)fail or Floppy Disk(s)fail(80) or Floppy Disk(s)fail(40)

Corresponding to Chinese: Cannot drive the floppy disk drive.

Explanation: The system prompts that the floppy drive is not found. Check if the power lines and data lines of the floppy drive are loose or wrong. Or try to put the floppy drive on another machine. If these

No, then you have to buy one more. If there is no floppy drive, it is recommended to set "Drive A" to "None" in the CMOS Setup program.

8.Hard disk(s) diagnosis fail

Corresponding to Chinese: An error occurred while performing hard disk diagnostics.

Explanation: This problem usually means that the hard disk itself has failed. You can put the hard disk on another machine and give it a try. If the problem is still not resolved, you can only repair it. (This article comes from: computer boot press f1, boot press f1 solution http://)

9.Memory test fail

Corresponding to Chinese: Startup memory test failed.

Explanation: Re-plug the memory to see if it can be solved, this problem is generally due to incompatible memory bars, to change it!

10.Override enable-Defaults loaded

Corresponding to Chinese: The current CMOS setting cannot start the system, and it loads the preset value in the BIOS to start the system.

Explanation: Generally there is an error in the setting of COMS. Just enter the COMS setting and select LOAD SETUP DEFAULTS to load the system's original settings and restart.

11.Press TAB to show POST screen

Corresponding to Chinese: Press TAB to switch the screen display.

Explanation: Some OEM manufacturers will replace the BIOS default boot display screen with their own design display screen. We can press the TAB key to switch between the BIOS default boot screen and the manufacturer's custom screen.

12.Resuming from disk,Press TAB to show POST screen

Corresponding to Chinese: To restore the boot startup item from the hard disk, press TAB to display the self-test screen.)

Explanation: This is because some motherboard's BIOS provides Suspend to disk function. If we use Suspend to disk to shut down, then we will display this prompt message at the next boot.

13, Display switch is set incorrectly

Corresponding to Chinese: Display Switch Configuration Error

Solution: As long as your motherboard is not old-fashioned, this information will definitely not appear. In general, there is a route on the old motherboard to set the screen to monochrome or color. This message appears indicating that the settings on the motherboard are inconsistent with the CMOS settings, so just make a judgment of who is correct for the motherboard and CMOS settings, and then update the wrong settings.

14, Hard disk(s) initializing(Please wait a moment...)

Corresponding to Chinese: Initializing the hard disk, please wait a moment

Solution: This information is not visible on newer hard drives, but on older hard drives, this information is seen because it is slow.

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15.Hareware Monitor found an error, enter POWER MANAGEMENT SETUP for details,Press F1 to continue,DEL to enter


Corresponding to Chinese: The monitoring function found an error, enter the POWER MANAGEMENT SETUP to view the details, press the F1 key to continue the boot process, press the DEL key to enter the COMS settings.

Explanation: Some motherboards have a hardware monitoring function that can set the temperature monitoring of the motherboard and CPU, the voltage output level monitoring of the voltage regulator and the monitoring of the fan speed.

When the above monitoring function finds an abnormal condition when it is turned on, the above paragraph will appear. Now you can enter the COMS settings and select POWER MANAGEMENT SETUP. On the right side, **Fan Monitor**, **Thermal Monitor** and * *The Voltage Monitor** looks at what went wrong and then resolved it.

Finally, the system prompts you to press F1 to continue entering the system. You know where the problem lies, but do not want the system to prompt you without solving the problem. You can use the method to turn off the BIOS error: Press Del to enter the BIOS settings. Find “Halt On” in one item (prompt and stop when there is an error), set the selection to None by PgUp or PgDn, which means no error is indicated!

The above is about the computer boot press f1, boot press f1 solution, as long as the above method one by one check, can be successfully resolved!

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