Cohen Electric's interpretation of the perfect concept kitchen

Today, China's kitchen electric industry has gone through 30 years of history. This process is a process of technological innovation driving the continuous upgrading of products, and it is also a process of consumers' kitchen life experience moving towards ease and pleasure. Among them, the innovation of the range hood is the most dazzling. From Chinese to European, to side suction, it shows the innovative design and concept of the hood with the facts. In the 21st century, the Chinese range hood combines the advantages of traditional range hoods. From the perspective of function and appearance, it combines cross-border functional design and innovative cooking concepts. It has launched a “concept smoke machine”. As the most popular fashion model in recent years, the “concept smoke machine” is “winning” to lead the kitchen industry with its avant-garde model, intelligent operation and all-round function!

Cohen Electric, a Chinese concept kitchen leader and concept smoker advocate, believes that “the concept of a stylish, avant-garde shape is not only to attract more young consumers, but we have defined it as a unique meaning. The traditional hood can only be neat and tidy on the basis of the guaranteed function. The “concept hood” incorporates the concept of modern aesthetics, from the perspective of visual aesthetics. The simple linear geometry is the benchmark to create an atmosphere of aesthetic enjoyment. The simple and smooth lines and strong contrast of colors are the characteristics of modern style furniture. A large number of new materials such as tempered glass and stainless steel are used as auxiliary materials, which is also a common decorative method for modern style furniture. This kind of collocation can give people an avant-garde and unfettered feeling.

Intelligent and convenient operation opens a new smart trend. With the advancement of science and technology, "intelligence" has gradually entered people's lives. It is not limited to the field of mobile internet, and the three words are inseparable from everyday life. “Concept Hood Machine” integrates innovative technology into products, guided by the principles of ergonomics, ergonomics and engineering materials, highlighting the cultural concept of “concept smoke machine” and “people-oriented”, enabling people to feel the science belt at zero distance. Come to a comfortable life. We know that intelligent products are currently in the middle and high-end category, and its widespread popularity has improved the quality of life of consumers, and on the Other hand, it has stimulated the new consumption of blue ocean.

The full range of functional design meets the diverse needs of consumers. The design of the kitchen reflects a person's taste for life, and the range hood is a kitchen appliance that purifies the kitchen environment. A good range hood can not only raise the overall design style of the kitchen, but also can quickly remove the harmful fumes from the human body and discharge it outside, which can reduce pollution and purify the air. Automatic opening, intelligent lifting, time-delay purification... The new concept creates a free and efficient cooking space, creating a perfect healthy kitchen.

Today's consumers are able to accommodate a variety of lifestyles and accommodate more technological ideas while meeting the needs of the kitchen. It is against this background that the “concept smoke machine” is in perfect harmony with this concept of life, and it has rapidly developed into the most popular kitchen appliance this year, and it is the perfect and fashionable style to interpret the ultimate kitchen world!

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