Crack the terminal of the ten major difficulties in lighting marketing

Symptoms: The sales terminal is in the hands of the dealers, and the dealers are almost all concentrated in the lighting market. The image of the store cannot be guaranteed. Diagnosis: At present, the sales terminal of lighting products is single, and the lighting market is the only terminal form that can be chosen. In the environment of the lighting market, it is actually a continuation of disorderly competition. Because the lighting of the lighting display is impenetrable, it can not reflect the style and design characteristics of each lighting, and thus can not reflect its sense of value, so that customers are dazzled when choosing lighting, always have no idea, so missed many very good Lighting. Prescription: A major premise for brand lighting is to let customers touch and recognize the brand in the terminal, and to have an interest in the display of beautiful lighting displays. For this reason, there must be a good terminal display. The initiative of the manufacturer to find and follow up the new terminal format is an effective measure to solve the terminal confusion to a certain extent. Brand franchise and brand chain stores that began to appear this year are all broken.