New carbon fiber composite monomer Rockport Technologies Atria speaker

American Rockport Technologies' newly released floor-standing speaker Atria ranks between Alya and Avior. The number of monomers used is just between Alya and Avior. Obviously, it is to fill the gap and let the product line The connection is more compact and complete.
New carbon fiber composite monomer Rockport Technologies Atria speaker
From the appearance, Atria's speakers are very similar to Avior, like the reduced version of Avior. The monomers used in Atria are also the same as Avior. The midrange and bass use Rockport's latest custom carbon fiber sandwich monomer, and the treble is Scan-Speak's diaphragm diaphragm tweeter. In addition to the increased rigidity required for the new monomer, the new special monomer has been specially designed with a strong magnetic circuit system to reduce distortion. Atria's internal wiring is a large-scale use of Transparent. The biggest difference between Atria and Avior is the woofer. Avior uses two 9-inch woofers, and Atria has only one, but even so, Atria still has excellent frequency response from 28Hz to 30kHz.
New carbon fiber composite monomer Rockport Technologies Atria speaker
New carbon fiber composite monomer Rockport Technologies Atria speaker
According to the designer and president of Rockport Technologies, the Atria has a very close sound performance with Avior, but it is a small size and is a speaker for smaller spaces. The Atria cabinet is made of three layers of reinforced platen, giving the cabinet a 6-inch thickness, providing the rigidity required of Atria to minimize speaker resonance, and the narrow front panel design of the front baffle eliminates anomalous diffraction The problem.

Equipment specifications
Type: 3 sound channel 3 single unit floor speaker
Monomer: 1 inch 铍 treble × 1,6 inch carbon fiber sandwich midrange × 1,9 inch carbon fiber sandwich bass × 1
Frequency response: 28Hz ~ 30kHz
Average impedance: 4 ohms
Sensitivity: 87.5dB
Size: 43.5 × 12.5 × 20 inches (H × W × D)

88 Racing Drone is Mini RC copter. 88 mm micro rc Racing Drone.

Weight: 77.5g ( including battery )
Size: 7.3 x 7.3 x 3.5cm
Wheelbase: 88mm
Carbon fiber chassis: 2mm thick
Brushless motor: 1104 7500KV
Propeller: 2030 three-blade
Battery: 7.4V 400mAh 30C LiPo
Flight Controller
Processor: STM32F405 MCU
IMU: MPU6000 connected via SPI
Barometer: BMP280
Micro SD card slot: max. 32GB support
Integrated OSD: yes
Integrated BEC: yes
Dimension: 32 x 32mm
Mounting hole spacing: 25 x 25mm
4-in-1 ESC
Power supply: 1 - 2S
BEC output: no
Continuous current: 4 x 3A
Burst current: 4 x 7A
Weight: 2.7g
FPV Camera
Resolution: 600TVL
TV system: NTSC
Min. illumination: 1 lux
Field of view: 120 degree
Input voltage: 2.5 - 5V
Frequency range: 5645 - 5945MHz
Channels: 40 ( including RaceBand, Band R )
Power: 25mW
FrSky XM Receiver
Frequency: 2.4GHz
Channels: 16
Fail-safe: yes
Firmware upgradable: yes
Receive distance: more than 600m
Compatibility: FrSky D16 Mode transmitters

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88 Racing Drone

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