Grado Goethe entry-level headset SR80e audition

I have long been cultivating the name of Goethe headphones for a long time, but because of the delay in its appearance, I suddenly came to the mood some time ago. I want to try Goethe headphones. Experience tells me that it is more interesting to start playing from the low end, so I chose SR80e. . (Now Goethe has been changed to the suffix model of "e", and the sound is slightly different from the previous "i")

First look at the parameters:




The color of the new packaging is still very pleasing, better than the high-end pizza box.


The sticker is actually written in the United States by hand.


Goethe has been 60 years old, and the old man has passed away this year, remembering it.


Without a protective film, it is as simple as that.


Physical plastic texture is very serious

The shape is very retro.





The red unit that can be seen faintly, please ignore the fingerprint. The new e is basically a red unit, including GS1000, RS1e, PS1000e.


The general adjustment part of the entire Goethe series is only slightly different in material.


The top of the naked artificial leather, this is also the Goethe universal top beam, but the material is slightly different.


Pure plastic textured surface

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