How can China Digital Cinema HD Network Set-Top Boxes?

In the field of high-definition network set-top boxes, Huayi Film has just been established soon, the brand does not have enough influence, and even some friends do not know the existence of the brand, but a recent set of data shows that the shadow box has a strong user cohesion Its brand rankings have soared to second place, 67% faster than the rise of the millet box. So how does the Huadian Film Award get this award? What kind of brand is it? Let's analyze the number of shadows in China.

I.Hua Yingying can be called people-oriented

Yingneng believes that the changes in the product can be described as a vast area, but the only thing that remains unchanged is the constant pursuit of good things and spirits. Through a more scientific and refined ergonomic design, Yingneng can provide users with greater comfort and spiritual enjoyment when using shadow energy products through practical functionalist technology innovation based on the principle of human nature.

At the very beginning, Shadow Energy implemented the “people-oriented” ideology into the definition and development of products, and at the source required R&D personnel to create unique and unique products. At the same time, in the broadcast content, shadow energy is a first-rate partner of Hua Digital Media. Shadow can refuse piracy, and 100% only make genuine video content.

Human intelligent network set-top boxes, this term was first proposed by the shadow energy brand. Focusing on the application of human intelligence, Shadow Energy has successively launched core playback technologies such as video control technology, video broadcast technology, shadow technology, video search technology, video aggregation technology, film and video technology, video change technology, and video navigation technology. The first network set-top box digital engine - the Xiang Xiang engine.

At the same time, Shadow Energy has developed the world's first human visual system interface - F Vision YIUI system, which is the first network set-top box to obtain national patent protection system. Based on the development of reading data, three-click information, original information reporting system, unique nine-grid intelligent memory, one-key 28-function entry.........many people-oriented technological innovations have enabled Shadow Products to lead the industry in technology.

Second, how to run a few small shadow energy products

In the Internet era, the transparency of information has made the definition of products even more important. The Apple brand founder Steve Jobs once said: “The product manager must have the world” as a shadow brand that operates Internet thinking based on digital hardware and pays more attention to the product experience. The shadow energy products continuously conquered users with application-centric application innovations, with tiny hard-to-needs, tiny focus, and small iterations, and continued to detonate product explosions. Yingneng believes that it is not a decade of grinding a sword, but a small step run. Not perfect, but internal testing, rapid iteration.

In Shadow Energy, we established a brand culture centering on user experience, and thought about the iterative experience of products with everyone as a product manager. In Shadow Energy, you can see that the director, the product, and the salesperson are all customer services, and the full customer service culture makes the contact between the shadow energy and the user zero distance, and obtain the most real information of the user feedback. The company has established good interaction with numerous domestic media and forums, and has more than one hundred film and energy product experience officers. It has continuously provided trials, experiences and feedbacks to the company's shadow energy products, enabling it to continuously make small iterations and innovations on its products.

Increased smart DIY, machine settings more stupid, UI interface is not shocking, play options to increase HD channels, children with rich interface, increase the use of more functional .... Lin Lin all kinds of user feedback, so that shadow energy products continue to optimize the improvement . The information reporting system has been optimized and improved eight times, and nine grid memories have gone through four optimizations and 28 functions before and after the 37 times of continuous replacement. Each iteration of the innovation has enabled users to have a brand-new experience and make the impact. Energy products continue to have the explosion that attracts users.

Third, how to build a Chinese monument

The main insight of Yingneng on brand building is: The king's brand is an effective segmentation, and the core of product strategy is the category strategy. Therefore, Yingneng carried out new product category divisions on the network set-top box category and established effective product and brand segmentation. Based on this idea, Shadow Energy independently established a new category of human intelligent network set-top boxes. The so-called human intelligent set-top box is essentially a set-top box that makes the use of the set-top box suitable for the natural form, visual form, and operation form of the human body as far as possible, and that is coordinated with the home environment and is environmentally friendly and healthy.

Through the category strategy, the shadow energy products and the competitors have obvious distinctions. For the human intelligent network set-top box, the video can be summarized as a simpler and more popular phrase: “a set-top box that will be used by the elderly and the young children” and continue to promote through social networks such as Weibo, Wechat, forums, and QQ, and establish their own “ethnic groups”. The promotion lasted for only 60 days, which enabled the shadow energy brands to rapidly accumulate more than 1.3 million fans, and formed a good brand reputation within the ethnic group. This is a good guarantee for the shadow energy brand to succeed in a short period of time.

Fourth, Hua Digital Film can keep in touch with users

Shadow Energy is at the end of marketing, advocating that functional implementation is not the highest principle, focusing on the critical moments of contact with users, emphasizing the tiny moments with consumers, and making users more screaming. Based on this, Shadow can enhance the hard service experience at the end of marketing. Shadow Power has more than 200 projects in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Xi'an, Tianjin, Chongqing, Jinan, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Shenyang, Kunming, Ningbo, Chengdu, Dongguan, Qingdao, Fuzhou, Wuhan, Zhengzhou, Dalian and Changsha. The counties and cities set up maintenance sites and service outlets all over the country, breaking the history of network set-top boxes that only allowed users to return to the factory for maintenance.

Yingneng after-sales service is in the industry's top position in the number of after-sales outlets, after-sales service, and after-sales service quality. Users can experience surprises in addition to the product itself after the after-sales experience. Make users scream and form a loyal fan of the brand.

Yingneng believes that the biggest asset of the brand is the people, not the factory! The Yingneng team implements the equity incentive model for all employees, including the director Wang Yingquan, product manager Qiu Jun, e-commerce manager Jiang Jianmei, channel manager Guo Tao, and product design Yang Haifeng. Flat management. Filming Energy has not implemented the card punching system internally, nor does it have any KPI appraisal target and all shareholding incentives.

The mode of full-scale motivation of Yingneng Power, which is based on the protagonist's attitude, makes everyone in the company a product manager, customer service, and after-sales service personnel, and flat management makes the company more efficient in communication costs and information transmission speed. To adapt to the Internet's rapid response and flexible style.

The shadow energy network set-top box, listed only 160 days, successfully into the brand's second-placed brand, has become a group of dark horses in the industry. According to Ouyang Xuejun, president of Shadow Energy, the layout of shadow energy will not be limited to network set-top boxes. The network set-top box is only the first carrier for the construction of the shadow-energy brand, and shadow energy will rely on the network set-top box products as the center carrier to integrate the Internet video, smart home equipment. According to reports, in order to cooperate with Yingneng in the smart home area, Yingneng has successfully controlled a smart chip development company. It is expected that the first batch of smart home products will be launched in early 2015.

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