Liader engages in cultural and technological industries and advances to 100 billion goals

On the afternoon of June 13, the signing ceremony of the 4th China-South Asia Expo and the 24th China Kunming Import and Export Commodities Fair was held in Kunming. In order to further promote the implementation of the “One Belt and One Road” and the national strategy of the Yangtze River Economic Belt, and support Kunming City to give full play to the advantages of the central hub, Liard participated in Kunming culture and urban construction, and regarded Kunming as an important export base for Southeast Asia and South Asia. After friendly consultations, the Kunming Municipal People's Government and Liard reached the "Framework Agreement on Strategic Cooperation between Culture and Technology Industry Innovation and Development". Li Jun, Chairman of the Liard Group, attended the signing ceremony and signed an agreement on behalf of Liaard and the Kunming Municipal People's Government.

In 2016, the Liard Group released a new strategy “Cultural Technology + Finance”, which is committed to making Liad a global visual and audio culture. The Liaard and Kunming Municipal People's Government signed the "Framework Agreement on the Strategic Cooperation of Cultural Science and Technology Industry Innovation and Development", which is another practice of the new strategy of the Liard Group and will become another model of cultural and technological industry innovation. The content is:

Urban Creative Light Environment: Based on the existing urban construction in Kunming, the urban light environment will be upgraded and upgraded through the Shenzhen Jinda Lighting Co., Ltd. under the Liard Group. The urban architectural space will be creatively brightened. The cooperation modes include but are not limited to Lighting project overall contracting, contract energy management, PPP cooperation mode.

Urban Cultural Tourism: (1) Urban Public Space Water Dance Sound and Light Show---Based on Dianchi Cultural Tourism Resources, to create a world-class cultural tourism innovation exhibition project for Kunming, adding cultural experience and the core attraction of tourism consumption to the city; (2) Innovation The urban cultural landmark---based on the history and culture of Daguanlou in Kunming City, the innovative mass culture experience mode and the fusion of the business style of the travel and business traveler, creating a new cultural tourism landmark for Kunming to attract both citizens and tourists; (3) Urban renewal driven by cultural science and technology innovation---Based on the cultural and tourism resources of Guandu District and Xishan District of Kunming City, it integrates high-tech display, VR/AR technology and other products and services through cultural creativity, creating a great Attractive immersive cultural experience projects (including renovation of old commercial districts, innovation of ancient town space and industrial upgrading of traditional scenic spots), cooperation modes include but not limited to PPP cooperation modes such as BOT and LOT; (4) public cultural facilities Performance Enhancement and Operational Innovation---Supporting the First Center of the Fifth Hall of Kunming (Science and Technology Museum, Museum, Planning Museum, Art Gallery, Library, Grand Theatre)

Urban intelligent visualization platform: Based on the urban development plan of Kunming City, through the creative visualization solutions products and services of the Liard Group, the city intelligent visualization platform will be built to promote Kunming to build a happy city.

The Cultural and Technological Industry Innovation and Development Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement signed by the Liard Group and the Kunming Municipal People's Government this time involves cultural tourism planning, cultural performing arts, lighting engineering, LED display, VR/AR experience, smart city, education, etc. Multi-faceted construction needs, giving full play to the business synergy among the member companies within the Liard Group; further embodying the strategic positioning of “building a happy city with the government”, which is conducive to the development of the cultural tourism industry and the expansion of the culture of the Liad Group. The scale of the business of the sector will enhance the influence of urban cultural tourism and smart city construction. With the implementation of the follow-up agreement, it will have a positive impact on the company's future operating results, and further progress towards the realization of "100 billion Liad"!

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