LED car lighting: Where is the future demand?

With the gradual development of the domestic automotive industry, the cake in the LED automotive lighting market is gradually optimistic. Then, is the LED automotive lighting market a smooth one? Where is the future demand for the automotive lighting market? What are the risks in entering the LED automotive lighting field? How should automotive lighting companies avoid risks and seek development? The main confusion lies in:

1) Insufficient understanding of the requirements of the international standard system, unfamiliar with the standards of European, American, Japanese and other systems and the lack of development and production standards systems.

2) The business model for project cooperation based on the vehicle LED lighting product configuration requirements has not been fully established ("Automotive Agreement").

3) Lack of demand for the whole vehicle, the company had to develop the functional prototype of the product by itself, and then went to the OEM to accept the test, and then sought the supporting manufacturers after passing the test.

4) The experimental equipment configuration is not perfect. For the reasons of high number of test and high cost of vehicle products, it is difficult to meet the requirements of the vehicle manufacturer standard in terms of stability and safety in a short time.

5) The correlation between the LED lamp products and the complete vehicle is very high. The enterprise has not yet scaled up, and it is difficult to enter the supporting business mode in a short time, so it is easy to be controlled by the OEM.

6) Carry out research and development under the vehicle enterprise development architecture system, lacking the experience of supporting the whole vehicle. The company has no experience and supporting experience in this area. Which automaker will be the breakthrough?

7) In the process of research and development, the supporting manufacturers of domestic LED lamp product parts and components are controlled by the joint venture, resulting in an imperfect market for LED lamp lights, and a certain negative impact on the development of domestic LED lamp research and development enterprises. The cycle is long, the purchase is inconvenient, and the specifications are not in line with the special requirements of the automobile. The "LED car headlights are legal regulations, the investment is large, the requirements are high, and the inspection must be mandatory". The matching of the reflectors and the light source of the lamps is better. High requirements, there are difficulties in supporting this aspect.

8) The reasons for the low number of tests and high cost are that the test time experienced by the product is relatively short, and it is difficult to meet the requirements of international standards in terms of stability and safety.

9) It does not have the advantages of a development platform with a complete development platform (software and hardware environment), standardized development management processes, test and test equipment and means.

10) The development system is imperfect and the technical strength is weak. It is difficult to find professional technicians and market personnel who have years of work experience and supporting experience in the LED lamp industry.

11) First- and second-rate car factories, the high-level door supporting conditions, it is difficult for us to obtain the opportunity to match the vehicle manufacturers. It is difficult to accumulate experience in the application of the car to improve the technical level, and instead have to lock in the third/four-speed car factory. As for the sales of automobile sales companies and automobile design companies, the profit of products will be reduced accordingly, and the competitiveness of enterprises will not be improved.

12) Road lighting and automotive lighting are two industries, and the operations involved are completely different and cannot be confused. The requirements of the automotive lighting industry are significantly higher than the requirements of the road lighting industry. It is learned that the R&D team formed by the company is still unable to meet the synchronous development requirements of the vehicle manufacturers and the competitiveness requirements of the products.

13) In the market, the company's scale, professional technology, management personnel, capital investment, product serialization, quality and other aspects can be provided with other pre-assembly.

14) At present, the gap with foreign or joint ventures is still very large and lacks competitiveness.

15) The strategic objectives of the enterprise, the investment of funds, the construction of organizational structure, the utilization of market resources, product positioning, long-term planning, etc., need to be clearly defined by the company, otherwise it is impossible to determine what path to choose to promote the company's LED lights project.

16) The industry standard system has not been built. The aftermarket is chaotic, non-standard, and the standards are not uniform. The core technology and chip technology are too little (cost too high), the infrastructure is incomplete, there is no information service system, technology manufacturing, research and development capabilities, There are no plans for management level, marketing channels, etc. In the industrial chain, the company's supporting suppliers will also face a backward situation. The poor market operation ability leads to the lack of market competitiveness of products, and other internal and external factors have become the development of the company's LED lamp project.


In summary, the development of domestic automotive LED lighting enterprises must be supported by vehicle manufacturers, and the planning, design and development of automotive LED lighting products must be carried out under the development architecture system of automobile manufacturers. Through the development of products, it is possible to form a development management system, technical team and products with market competitiveness that meet the development requirements of vehicle manufacturers, in order to gradually expand their own team.

In order to obtain high profits in the automotive LED lighting industry and take the global high-tech enterprises as the strategic goal, it is necessary to meet the requirements of the car factory system, technology, test standards, supporting experience, etc., in order to monopolize the domestic automotive LED lighting front loading. Supporting market and post assembly market.

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