Rice cooker maintenance tips

Rice cooker maintenance tips Rice cookers are favored by people because of their beauty, convenience, and power consumption. However, there are often cases where the service life is shortened due to improper maintenance. In order to use and maintain rice cookers reasonably to extend their service life, the following points should be noted:

1. After use, after the inner pot is washed, the appearance of water must be dried and then put into the rice cooker.

2, the bottom of the pot should avoid collision deformation. Between the heating plate and the inner pot must be kept clean, avoid rice grains falling into affecting the thermal efficiency or even damaging the heating plate.

3, the inner pot can be washed with water, but the shell and heating plate should not be soaked in water, can only be wiped with a damp cloth after cutting off the power.

4, not cooking acid, alkali foods, do not put in a corrosive gas or humid place.

5, when used, should be cooked food first into the pot, cover, and then plug in the power; remove the food before the power plug should be unplugged to ensure safety. The rice cookers are usually placed in cartons during packaging, storage and transportation. Shock-proof and foam materials are lined up and down. Accessories are placed in plastic bags and placed in pots. Several cartons are placed in a large corrugated carton. Solid, and there are prescribed marks. Each rice cooker must have a product certificate and instructions for use. The cartons in transport should be handled with care, and the stored warehouse should be well ventilated and free from corrosive gases.

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