Lighting designer Johan Vonk: Lighting is the most expressive...

Johan Vonk, a famous Dutch stage lighting designer. The design of the "Shanghai Building Lighthouse" Z58 light show. The Z58 is a laboratory for exploring architecture and light, and a “Cathedral of Light”. The building is essentially a “light box”. The light show is based on the theme of “Light Architecture”. The building is the main body of artistic expression. Lighting is the means of artistic expression, and the art is recreated by light. Johan Vonk's design makes full use of the transparency and modernity of the building, shaping the Z58 into a building full of the atmosphere of the times, the blood of the people, the heart of the tide.

Reasons for Lighting Show for Z58:
Before coming to the Z58, I had a basic understanding of it through the materials, including its façade, water curtain, atrium and many details made up of glass. Originally envisioned is the idea of ​​flash related to glass. But when I really saw the Z58, I was shocked by the whole building.

It has very straight lines, and in my opinion the straight line is a very hard line, but its lines are romantic. Especially when I watched it from the street in the evening, the dimly lit Z58 reflected the natural streetscape on the facade of the building, producing 30 multiple reflections, which made me feel that I really should do something for it - I use what I am good at. The lighting effect combines it with the features of the building itself.

Inspiration for lighting design:
Usually all my inspiration comes from what I see everyday, but the concept of the Lighting Show is actually the result of communication and dialogue. As a designer of the light show, I hope that the whole space can be made different. In the view of Mr. Cheng Kepei, the president of Zhongtai Group, this building is first of all a building. It is not a performance venue. The usual appearance and lighting show should be different. Zhongtai hopes that the guests can feel a completely different Z58. When the light show is over, it still returns to a quiet, humble, beautiful posture.

Although both of us have different starting points for considering the problem, the end points are the same because they all have the same goal.

Specific performance techniques:
I use this building as the main body of expression, and lighting is used as a means of expression to recreate the building with light. Specifically, I make full use of the transparency of the building itself and the sense of modern design.

After the conversation, we decided to extend the space through the lights. This extension is based on the nature of the building itself. I follow the floor's own horizontal and vertical lines to extend the infinitely straight line, making it stronger at night in the light and color changes.

In addition, after the extension of the light, the whole building was released from the original form and became free. The step-by-step change of color, combined with the lighting and music, makes people feel that the light and the building are alive, and people feel the sensibility and beauty.

How it feels about the Z58 Lighting Show:
I am very satisfied with this Lighting Show. In fact, each project is different, there are too many differences, and even every detail is different.

The Z58 is so different, which lays the foundation for the ultimate appearance of the entire Lighting Show.

I used to do something similar for a building. The building was a teaching building for a school. The work at the time was not exactly a performance, but a demonstration of the concept of lighting. Every 20 minutes, the color of the scene will change once. But limited to the conditions, people can only see the color changes outside the building, but can not understand the changes of light and color from the inside. Here, you can experience different effects inside and outside the building, because there is no fixed scene.

Of course, because the Z58 is somewhat different from the surrounding environment, it is a big challenge for me in designing.

In the previous works, I will choose the corresponding lighting according to the scene. Many of them use floodlight to achieve the effect. I once broke the glass and threw it in a tunnel-like building, using 15 watts of small lights to match the color map. On the other hand, creating a reflection of light makes people feel like flowing water. This time, the physical lamps were widely used. The special lamps specially invested in this time made the whole performance achieve the effect I originally envisaged.

The most important element in the world of lighting:
The light is colorful, I have my own feelings about color. I will rethink the light and transform it back into a wonderfully imaginary substance, which is really exciting. In Z58, I use a lot of colors, pink, blue, green, red, purple... rich colors and soft light and shadow, which creates an illusion. I use reflection, concentration and contrast, light and dark, horizontal, diagonal, vertical, parallel, time and space, environment and cycle to cooperate with various technical props to create different emotions of people in the environment. This is the key to color application. .

A successful Lighting Show should have the following characteristics:
The Lighting Show is fleeting. A successful show must first be able to touch the audience. The people present must be impressed, whether they are shocked, feel happy, or the like.

The Lighting Show is also dynamic. Even with pre-programmed procedures, no two shows are the same, and every audience present and their reflections are part of it.

The real success must be to be reminiscent, to make an impression, maybe that impression is not profound for a while, but if you can recall that show on a certain day, it is the best reward for me.