No longer draw a cake? Jia Yueting's LeTV FF91 is really coming!

The music that is deeply mired in the financial crisis has finally hardened again! At 10 o'clock this morning, LeTV held a press conference in the United States. In a long-awaited call, the LeTV FF91, which was regarded as a straw, was finally opened under the spotlight. "Break the world record", "100 kilometers acceleration by 2.39 seconds", "brushing the face car", "automatic parking"... Under these labels, FF91 has once again let Jia Yueting pick up the confidence, the whole process is introduced in English. The hardship is the better the temper. I am willing to give all my life to my dream, Dream On and All In!".

No longer draw a cake? Jia Yueting's LeTV car FF91 is really coming!

No need for key, face recognition

FF ADAS and Autopilot Director Hong Bae introduces the depth intelligence of the FF 91: the FF 91 is the world's first car that does not require a key. It can be seamlessly accessed through biometric face recognition and Bluetooth sensor. Vehicles also have the ability to self-evolve, deep learning, perceive user habits, seamlessly optimize to provide the ultimate user experience, and provide protection for smart driving.

No longer draw a cake? Jia Yueting's LeTV car FF91 is really coming!

The four doors are all electric doors.

The FF 91 is the world's first production car equipped with a smart lift 3D laser radar, equipped with the key technology to achieve Level 4 automatic driving. At the same time, the vehicle sensing system also includes more than 30 sensors including cameras, radar and ultrasound.

Automatic parking black technology bright eyes

The FF 91, which was highly anticipated by Jia Yueting, carried his dreams and brought together many world-class industry bulls. This conference was not dominated by PPT as before, but there was a real car. On-site Hong Bae showed off the FF 91 shocking the entire auto-driving function - unmanned valet parking.

No longer draw a cake? Jia Yueting's LeTV car FF91 is really coming!

The first time it appeared on the screen, the FF91 was stunningly illuminated in the form of automatic parking, and after the patrol yard found the vacancy, it was reversed into the warehouse and was fully automated.

According to reports, the "eyes" of automatic parking are laser radars hidden on the hood. When parking automatically, the laser radar will automatically rise to detect the surrounding conditions.

In the demonstration, the staff used the mobile APP to automatically park the FF 91. In fact, pressing the automatic parking button on the door can also be achieved.

However, after Jia Yueting drove the car, the host wanted Jia Yueting to demonstrate the automatic parking again. Unexpectedly, the FF 91 “strikes”, but after the staff checked, the magnesium lamp was turned off, and the FF 91 automatically realized the automatic parking again. .

world record? ! 100 km acceleration 2.39 seconds

At the press conference, the organizers opened the four car dealers of Bentley, Ferrari and Tesla to demonstrate the contrast of 100 kilometers. In the comparison test, the FF 91 recorded a speed of 100 km acceleration of 2.39 seconds, which also broke the new record of 0-60 mph.

On average, it exceeds 1.1 times the acceleration of gravity! FF 91 VS The World, a new record of 0-60 mph accelerated. With superior power output and good torque distribution, the FF 91 can achieve maximum torque output within 50 milliseconds.

How is the performance?

Can refresh the world record, FF 91 performance is natural, according to reports, its multi-motor design, with the world's highest peak power, peak power can reach 783 kW, 1050 horsepower, peak torque is more than 1800 Newton • M; so far the world's largest single cell energy + highest battery pack density, battery pack total capacity of more than 130kWh, one-charge driving range of more than 700 kilometers, surpassing all current mass production electric vehicles.

Is charging fast?

Peter Savagian, vice president of power engineering, introduced the VPA variable electric drive chassis architecture and charging information on the FF 91: VPA variable electric drive chassis architecture pioneered the use of universal powertrain; future FF will be owned by + third party The form realizes the coverage of the charging network. In terms of charging speed, the FF 91 passes the high-power DC charging system and can last more than 500 miles in one hour. The host also said that LeTV will accelerate the development of wireless charging technology.

Full of technology

From the site map, we can see that FF 91 has a strong sense of technology. According to Richard Kim, vice president of FF design, the design principle of FF 91 is from the inside out, technology elements, aerodynamics and aesthetic integration.

Among them, the "UFO line" in the middle of the car body will become the family design element of FF, and the original matrix LED headlights and interactive array light display system across the front of the car can intelligently interact with the external environment, redefining the exterior of the vehicle. Lighting system.

No longer draw a cake? Jia Yueting's LeTV car FF91 is really coming!

how to buy?

Despite the current car and the production car, the FF 91 is still not available for spot sales, and the LeTV official has not announced the price.

According to reports, FF 91 first launched 300 as a dream partner version, will be launched in the world in March, when the first starter will be auctioned, and the car will be given to the Environmental Protection Foundation.

At present, through the official website of, after registering the FFID, the prepayment of 50,000 deposits can give priority to the purchase right.

No longer draw a cake? Jia Yueting's LeTV car FF91 is really coming!

Reconstructing a new concept - "new species"

Jia Yueting, who has always been good at creating concepts, once again came up with a new term - "new species." According to its propaganda, after the emergence of FF 91, there will be no need to buy other cars, because the new FF species will be integrated into six technical fields, collecting electricity, automobiles, computers, artificial intelligence, intelligent hardware, and the Internet, breaking the classification of existing models. A car is enough.

The FF 91 is a “new species” that is fully innovative in terms of connectivity, artificial intelligence, performance and design. In terms of interconnection, high-speed car light speed network based on multiple CAT6 LTE modems creates a mobile Internet life scene for users. At the same time, based on the FFID, the FF 91 will always perceive the user's personalized needs, and realize a powerful interactive experience of seamless entry and multi-screen interconnection.

Coping with LeTV

Earlier, LeTV was deeply mired in arrears and laid off the abyss... Once in the public relations crisis, LeTV also responded from the side.

It claims that FF currently has more than 1,400 employees worldwide; it applied for 1940 patents, of which 233 have been approved. Reconstructing the century-old automotive industry through the perfect integration of technology, design, the Internet and automobiles.

No longer draw a cake? Jia Yueting's LeTV car FF91 is really coming!

Jia Yueting gave a speech in English throughout the scene. "Today, FF has shown the world's first disruptive mass production car. This is a milestone in the automotive industry from the gasoline era, the electric age, to the Internet eco-electric era. On the road to subversion There must be a lot of thorns, but we believe that it is very difficult to achieve greatness in a smooth career. The bigger the hardship is the better the temper. I am willing to give all my life to my dream, Dream On and All In! ”

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