Philip Sutton Cox (Australian Architect)

Australian architect Philip Sutton Cox, born in Australia in 1939, received a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Sydney in 1962, a Silver Medal from the Royal Australian Architectural Society, and a New South Wales (NSW) ) Architect Foundation Travel Bonus. In 1963, Philip Sutton Cox started his architectural career at the architect Ian McKay and established his own architectural firm in 1967. After decades of architectural practice, Philip Sutton Cox has collaborated with different partners and his firm has changed its name several times. Since its development, it has become a large office with more than 200 designers, in many international and domestic competitions. Awarded and won a series of international honors. In 1984, Philip Cox was awarded the Gold Medal of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects; in 1983, he was awarded the Robert Matthew Award by the Commonwealth Architects Association and in 1988 he received the Architectural Contribution Medal from the Royal Australian Institute of Architects. In 1993, before Sydney won the 2000 Olympic Games, Philip Sutton Cox was awarded the “Architecture and Sports” award by the International Olympic Committee, becoming the first international architect to be officially recognized by the International Olympic Committee. In the same year, he also won many awards such as the 10th Anniversary Award, the Royal Australian Institute of Architects Honor Award, the First Prize for Excellent Collectives, and the Urban Design Award. He is a life member of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects and a fellow member of the American Building Society. The wounds of Philip Sutton Cox have been exhibited in many countries around the world, such as Paris, France, Venice, Hungary, Budapest, etc. Here, Philip Sutton Cox teaches and mentoring at many universities and institutions and is a professor at the University of New South Wales.