Talking about the Design of LED Lighting Control System 1-1

In the modern building environment, the quality of lighting is getting higher and higher. Lighting no longer simply lights up the lights, but hopes to use the lights to create a pleasing artistic atmosphere! The meaning of traditional lighting control is based on people's environmental lighting. Different requirements, the illumination of the light is controlled to ensure good lighting conditions, while at the same time maximizing energy savings. Especially in decorative and artistic lighting, we pass the light, looming, false, dynamic and dynamic The angle of the light projection and the control of the illumination range enable the light to establish composition, order and rhythm, and can fully exert the artistic expression of the light! We use lighting control methods to control the brightness and color of the lamps! If you want to achieve a variety of artistic elements such as lighting changes, color, brightness and music rhythm, you must use a sophisticated automatic control system! There are several common ways to control traditional lighting:

With the development of lighting technology, the light source has also evolved from the beginning of incandescent lamps to high-power metal halide floodlights, but traditional light sources have shortcomings such as short service life and high power consumption! Therefore, since the beginning of the 21st century, modern social civilization has begun to develop in the direction of sustainable energy conservation and environmental protection. As a new form of light source, LED has become more and more widely used in the field of lighting. LED light source has long life and power consumption. Low, safe low-voltage power supply, etc. As its light efficiency continues to increase, making LEDs a replacement for traditional light sources is becoming a reality! In particular, the development of ultra-high-brightness LEDs and high-power LEDs has enabled LEDs to be used in the field of lighting! LEDs have been used in the display of indicators, numbers and texts since the 1970s. With the advancement of social civilization and science and technology Rapid development! From this LED, it has entered a variety of application fields, including aerospace, aircraft, automotive, industrial applications, communications, consumer products, etc., covering all sectors of the national economy and thousands of households. Currently in the field of lighting engineering, LED is mainly used in lighting engineering. Building facades, exterior contours, large squares, park road/turf landscape lighting and advertising signboards and other lighting projects!
Because LED is based on the principle of semiconductor electroluminescence, with different materials, it can emit visible light of different wavelengths, so LED has the characteristics of pure light color, good color rendering, fast switching response, etc., so that we are in the landscape lighting by the past Monochrome, static effects, become dynamic, colorful lighting effects become possible! In order to make LED lighting can achieve dynamic and colorful changes, the traditional lighting control method can not meet the requirements of current LED lighting effects! Now, LED lighting control system based on computer network technology came into being! At present, LED lighting control system mainly realizes dynamic LED lighting control effect through the following technical methods:
1.DMX512 communication protocol mode: adopts distributed and modular computer network technology control system. The communication interface adopts the EIA-485 standard commonly used in computer communication, and uses optical fiber (network cable) to transmit control signals. Up: Ethernet-based TCP/IP mode, Down: Standard DMX512 / 1990 signal, which can control 512 DMX channels. Change mode: interlaced jump, horse race, running water, fade brightening, simple symbol display and other multi-group mode, through the network connection PC software can display text, FLASH animation, video, image and other media information.
2. Network control system using EIA-485 standard interface, using optical fiber (network cable) to transmit control signals. The system communication protocol generally adopts the EIA-485 standard or the format defined by the manufacturer. Multiple master controls can be connected up to 128, and can control up to 128X128 terminal loop controllers. The terminal to the luminaire adopts serial or parallel TTL signal control mode! The basic change mode: interlace/interval jump, gradual change, simple symbol display and other modes.
3. Adopt large screen display control mode. Mainly by the CPU microprocessor, the standard communication interface with the host computer, the standard communication interface with the display driver module and the ambient light intensity detection module form a standard control module hardware structure, which can be used in different places by compiling different software. . Interface with host computer (microcomputer) and display driver module: Standard RS232, RS422AK or RS485 communication interface can be used. The installation of the luminaire must conform to the dot matrix concept, which can realize more complicated control effects such as FLASH and pictures.
Pinergy Optoelectronic Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer dedicated to the research and development and manufacture of high-power LED lighting technology. The company also independently develops LED lighting control system while developing high-power LED lighting technology. At present, the company is based on the above-mentioned control system technology principle. , has successfully developed a series of LED control system products from self-change control effects, jump control effects, to full color gradient control effects! Control system equipment specifications table is shown in the following table:

Now, through the analysis of some typical LED lighting engineering actual cases, we briefly explain the implementation methods and system configuration schemes of several LED lighting control systems!

LAE-1000 system application: control effect: full color synchronization change effect

Main controller (LAE-1000) product appearance

Nanjing Confucius Temple Confucius Temple in Nanjing lighting project is one of China's three major temple, Confucius Temple is a complex of traditional architecture and modern essence of the integration of business climate, lighting design requirements put forward for this customer: the full performance of building ideas, reflect the architectural style The method is simple, the technology is advanced; the control is reasonable, scientific and practical; energy saving, green and environmental protection! Based on customer needs, we prefer to use LED lighting products that meet the requirements of energy saving, long life and scientific content. In this case, the point profile LED lamps are used to express the outline of the building. The slowly gradual LED light color and the antique building form a light and shadow whole in the night, which perfectly combines classical culture with modern full-color lighting art!
Changes in effect:
full-color synchronous gradient <br> system configuration:
Lamp: C1013 (full color) 1848PCS
Main controller: LAE-1000 2PCS
Repeater: LAE-101 28PCS

Shanghai Fudan University New Campus lighting project using full-color LED Floodlights F1001 in this case. The new campus of Fudan University gate plaza is always immersed in full-color lights slowly changing atmosphere, the new campus of Fudan add some fashion flavor!
Changes in effect:
full-color synchronous gradient <br> system configuration:
Lamp: F1001 (full color) 138 PCS
Main controller: LAE-1000 2 PCS
Repeater: LAE-101 4 PCS

Shanghai Royalton Hotel lighting lights outline the case with the use of C1001 (monochrome). The luminaires are mounted on the top façade of the hotel. The effect of the control system makes each column of lamps stratify up and down, so that the night hotel has some lively elements in the quiet!
Changes in effect:
jump up and down and running around <br> system configuration:
Lamp: C1011 (yellow) 340 PCS
Main controller: LAE-2000 2 PCS
Sub-controller: LAE-108 30 PCS