Technical Regulations for Urban Road Lighting Engineering in Jiangsu Province

Chapter I General Provisions 1. In order to meet the needs of modern urban construction, accelerate the development of road lighting construction, improve the design, installation, maintenance quality, safety and economic operation of road lighting distribution networks and electrical installations, this regulation is specially formulated. . 2. This regulation is applicable to road lighting distribution networks and electrical devices with rated voltages of 380 volts or less. 3. All personnel who design, install and repair the department should study and master it carefully and strictly implement this regulation. 4. All road lighting electrical equipment used shall conform to the current technical standards issued by the state or the ministry and have a certificate of conformity. The equipment shall have a nameplate. 5. Safety technical measures during construction shall comply with the relevant provisions of this Regulation and the safety technical operation rules for road lighting construction. If this procedure is inconsistent with the relevant procedures of the superior or the power supply department, the above regulations and the power supply department shall prevail. Chapter II Power Distribution Equipment and Control Section 1 Power Distribution Room 6, Street Light Distribution Transformer 100KVA and above, 50,000 square meters of residential buildings must be equipped with dedicated power distribution rooms, with a construction area of ​​not less than 60 square meters. 7. The power distribution room should be as close as possible to the power transformer. The roads around the indoor power distribution cabinet are generally not less than: 1.5 meters in front of the cabinet, 0.8 meters behind the cabinet, 0.8 meters on the left and right sides of the cabinet, and the power distribution room door should be opened outward. 8. The quality of the civil works of the power distribution room shall comply with the relevant provisions of the current construction engineering construction and inspection specifications. 9. Before the installation of the streetlight distribution cabinet, the civil engineering project should have the following conditions: (1) Remove the formwork and scaffolding that are harmful to the installation of the electrical appliance, clean the site, and leak the roof and the building; (2) Indoor ground floor construction After the installation of the doors and windows, the doors and windows must be provided with safety devices for stealing and preventing small animals from entering the distribution room; (3) The equipment foundation and structure reach the allowable installation strength; the mechanical strength of the welded components meets the design requirements; (4) Embedded parts The position and size of the reserved hole meet the design requirements. The metal embedded parts must be hot-dip galvanized, and the embedded part is firm and reliable. (5) When the decoration work is performed, it may damage the installed equipment or the equipment can not be constructed after installation. The decorating work is all over. 10. When the power distribution room is out of the lead wire, it is advisable to use the buried line. The wire cross section should be selected according to the allowable current carrying capacity of the wire. The load current of the incoming line is calculated as 1.3 times of the rated current of the transformer; the load current of the lead line is calculated according to the maximum operating current of the shunt. 11. In the power distribution room inlet and outlet line, if the overhead line lead wire must be insulated wire, the distance between the receiver bracket and the ground should not be less than 2.5 meters. When the wire passes through the wall, the wall-through part should be insulated and protected. Section 2 Installation of power distribution cabinet 12, installation of foundation channel steel, the allowable deviation is in accordance with the provisions of Table 1. When the power distribution cabinet is installed separately or in series, the allowable deviation of verticality, horizontality, cabinet indirect joint, etc. shall be consistent. The provisions of Table 2. Table 1 Allowable deviation of the base channel installation Allowance deviation (mm) 1 Non-straightness per meter 1 Full length 5 2 Level 1 per meter 1 Full length 5 13 The power distribution cabinet is installed in a vibrating place. Anti-seismic measures should be taken. The connection between the components of the equipment in the cabinet should be firm, and the sodium in the base tank should be grounded reliably. The cabinets such as metering, total control, and shunt control should not be welded to the base channel steel. 14、 The grounding of the power distribution cabinet should be firm and good. The openable cabinet door with non-electrical equipment should be reliably connected with the grounded metal frame with soft wires. Table 2 Allowable deviation of the installation of distribution cabinets. Permissible deviation (mm) 1 Verticality (per meter) 1.5 2 Horizontality adjacent two cabinet tops 2 Rows of cabinet tops 5 3 Unevenness adjacent cabinet sides 1% Column cabinet surface 5 4 Indirect seam 2 15 , the paint layer of the cabinet is intact, no damage, the fixture (removable part) of the fixture should be hot-dip galvanized and treated. The color of the cabinet installed in the same room should be consistent.

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