Why is the development of the third matrix enterprise in the photovoltaic power generation industry not ideal?

In the context of the energy revolution and the market opportunities brought by the photovoltaic power generation industry, there will inevitably be a group of start-up companies, especially those that provide multiple services based on the Internet and big data thinking. However, limited by the horizons and knowledge, in addition to extremely individual companies, companies that can enter the field of vision and have a successful model have not yet discovered that at least the industry with the same reputation and recognition is very small.

Three matrices of the photovoltaic industry

I think that the future PV industry is composed of three enterprise matrices. The three matrices are: centralized photovoltaic power generation service providers, distributed photovoltaic power generation service providers, and service providers that provide services to photovoltaic power generation service providers. The value of the last matrix exists to serve the first two or only the second.

Under the guidance of the ultra-high-speed development of China's PV terminal market demand, under the influence of Internet thinking, or based on existing market demand and future research, or from the provision of hardware transformation, from 2014, a number of services have emerged. Photovoltaic service providers are service-oriented enterprises in the development direction.

From the very beginning, the third matrix enterprise has formed two development directions: one is to solve the problem of financing difficulties of photovoltaic power plants at that time, and the other is to solve the problem of operation and maintenance of photovoltaic power plants in the future. The former is subdivided into two markets, one is to establish an Internet financial platform, and the other is to establish a power station standard that facilitates financing and trading.

At present, although the list of enterprises in the first two matrices is not known, the company already exists and has begun to take shape. There is only a third matrix, because its value is accompanied by the needs of the first two matrices, so the direction and mode of the enterprise in the matrix are still being explored, and which companies can succeed and are more observable.

Why is the development of photovoltaic third matrix enterprise not ideal?

After more than two years of development, compared with the first two enterprise matrices, the number of enterprises in the third matrix is ​​limited, and enterprises with successful development models and scales are more limited. There are roughly four reasons for the analysis:

1. Limited by the level of development of the demand market. The scale development of the photovoltaic industry has only been more than a decade, and the complete marketization has not yet begun. Under this background, the development level of the third matrix enterprise serving the first two enterprise matrices must be limited by the first two matrices. The level of development.

2. The decentralization and democratization of the Internet contradicts the history of the scale and monopoly of the energy industry. Over the past decade or so, the Internet economy has rapidly changed the ecology of many industries with unstoppable momentum, but this trend has been slow in energy and in the photovoltaic industry. The reason is that Fan Biao, an inspector of the Comprehensive Department of the State Council Research Office, once said: "The current energy system in China is still not suitable for the connection between energy and the Internet. Because energy is subject to its own industrial attributes, ownership structure, and circulation system. Factors, even if you add the Internet, don't work."

3. The financial service platform is wrong for financing itself. The enterprises in the third matrix are service-oriented enterprises, and the financial platform of general significance should also be a third-party service platform. Unfortunately, the financial platforms built by PV companies in the past two years have almost become the main financing for their own power station projects. It is contrary to the fundamental attributes of the financial platform.

4. The congenital deficiency of the service-type enterprise genes. The genes of the enterprise in the third matrix should be service genes and Internet genes, and the matrix should be composed of innovative enterprises that naturally have such genes. At present, many large-scale PV processing enterprises are also exploring the transformation of some development directions. Because they do not have this gene, the transformation is difficult to succeed. This is like IBM lost to Microsoft in the PC era and Microsoft lost to Apple in the mobile Internet era. What's more, entrepreneurship in the third matrix is ​​a process of continuous innovation, and the role of genes is particularly prominent.

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