Yahoo to launch new search tool

Yahoo to launch new search tool Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer plans to publish a number of tools for web search, including easier access to data on mobile devices to increase competition with Google for market share.

Laurie Mann, who was interviewed for the first time since being promoted to senior vice president in February this year, said: “We have something really strong in the product line, and we will announce and launch it in the coming months. He said that some of the upgrades were jointly developed with Yahoo's search partner, Microsoft Corp., while others were Yahoo's self-development.

According to informed sources yesterday, Mayer, who took over as Yahoo's CEO last year, is resuming Yahoo’s growth by strengthening his search for advertising market with Google’s $19.8 billion search. She is also trying her best to cooperate with Microsoft. Meyer had tried to terminate the agreement that had not reached Yahoo’s expectations but failed. Yahoo yesterday closed up 0.34% to $26.41 per share.

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