CIT Relay with light switch provides two-color LED and multiple colors

brief introduction:
CIT Relay & Switch introduces the SH Series of Miniature Lighted Transient Switches, which offer single and color bi-color LED options with a variety of protective caps and drive colors.

The SH Series switches are available in a variety of lighted and unlit packages. The switch features 25 different protective cap/drive options, customizable drives, and pre-printed process markings such as on/off, arrows and more. A 12mm flat drive with a stroke of 0.5mm is ideal for thin panels.

The product is ROHS compliant and can withstand an ambient temperature of up to 100 ° C. It also has positive touch feedback with a lifetime of up to 100,000 cycles, a rated current of 50 mA and a rated voltage of 35 Vdc.

The SH series switches can be used as input and reset switches for digital applications, as well as for switching on audio products, video game consoles, instrumentation, and video equipment.