Going through the wind and rain

--- Alite held the inauguration ceremony of the new factory and held the development of the lighting industry in the national distributor conference. It experienced the development from small to large and from low to high. Enterprises are the cells of the industry, and the development of enterprises is often the epitome of the industry. Alit Lighting, led by the leading figure Zhang Jiagang, has grown from the first three people to the now large team. It has been relocated six times. Now the new factory covering an area of ​​more than 30,000 square meters has been completed, and the company is striving to build China. The first brand of glass lighting. Mr. Zhang Jiagang, the chairman and general manager of the wind and rain, and the general manager of the company, delivered a speech at the dealer conference venue. On the afternoon of October 22nd, Alite held a national distributor conference in the conference hall on the fourth floor of the Golden Century Hotel in Huizhou. . More than 100 people from dealers, company marketing staff and media reporters from all over the country attended the meeting. At the conference, Mr. Zhang Jiagang, the chairman and general manager of Alite Lighting Co., Ltd., and the dealer representatives expressed their confidence and enthusiasm. The participating dealers were also excited and energetic, indicating that they would cooperate with Alice in the future. . The meeting was successfully concluded at 6 pm. At the meeting, Mr. Zhang briefly introduced the development history of Alite and the achievements of Alite in the field of glass lamps, and expressed that the Alite people have a long way to go in the goal of building the first brand of national glass lamps. It is necessary to make unremitting efforts and hard work, but the Alice must have the confidence and ability to climb the highest peak of domestic glass lamps; Zhang also explained to the participants the five core competitive advantages of Alite: technological advantages and management advantages. , product innovation advantages, reputation first-class advantages, corporate culture advantages; and said that in the future will increase the construction of marketing networks and advertising, so that Alice's products will be pushed to the market faster and more, into the homes of millions of people. Mr. Chen Minghua, a distributor from Tianjin, spoke at the conference as the dealer representative of the dealer conference. Mr. Chen said that he has been working with Alite for more than five years. Alite's products are not only novel in appearance, strong in innovation, but also in high quality, which is very popular among consumers. After the product went on the market, the sales were very good. Alite is also very credible. In the time of working with Alice for many years, Alite did not speak for a while and did not lose faith. In the future, we will continue to work side by side with Alite to create the first brand of Alice domestic glass lamps. After the meeting, the vast number of dealers said that they have further learned about Alice and its business philosophy, sales strategy, product style, etc. through this dealer conference; and clarified the future business ideas and specific operation methods and methods. It will have important guiding significance for the distribution work; in the future, it will further strengthen the close cooperation with Alite, and jointly bring Alite's excellent products to the market and serve thousands of families! Author: newspaper correspondent Liu Gongwu