Double Eleven, a Harman Karton raises the SONOS 5.1 pickpocket

Saying that the cook has recently been feeling that the family's Swans T200A is old, is the so-called honesty, but still able to let go? It wasn't necessary to be touched since listening to Harman Kardon's SABRE SB35 whispering wall at a friend's house. Although only a thin speaker. But the echo wall 4 x 20W + 4 x 15W = 140 W plus 100W subwoofer output is really touching. Although there is no physical 5.1, the virtual 5.1 surround is also particularly "real."

One plus one to listen to friends is to start at Huqingping Oule with a discount price of 5800.00. It is also an upsetting and uncomfortable food.

It was a coincidence that after boiling in the circle of friends and expressing his wish to confuse the illusions of Harman Kardon, B&O, SONOS and BOSE, he suddenly received a mysterious parcel in the afternoon of the same day. When I opened it, it turned out to be a Harman Kardon ONYX MINI. . It's really embarrassing to not wish to be a celebrity ah. . . .

Did not expect ah, did not expect such a small 16-watt Bluetooth speaker. The bass midrange treble effect is better than the home T200A. (Cheats and thunderstorms) I can't believe it. The next day, my co-workers brought JBL Charge2+ (15 watts) and BOSE SoundLink II (how many watts I didn't know). I hid in the company's small warehouse for lunch and made short shots. Gunnery competition. guess what? Fungus people have expressed that ONYX is even better. . . . . .

According to the analysis of the people eating melons, it was mainly because of its traditional spherical box design and the back of the sirloin bass unit that made it succeed. At the same time, Harman Kardon has also laid the seeds of pickpockets in everyone's hearts.

Before and after this happened, Zhuo Zhuan was working on an echo wall speaker every night in a certain East, a treasure, and an aunt, from SONY RT5 to NT5, from Harman SB35 to BOSE (can not afford the series). Daily snacks, worry about the wallet for fungus. . . Until one day, seeing a big SONOS sales promotion and selling it in just a few minutes made people feel that they have discovered the New World. A little inquiries, I drop a mother. Is this WiFi-connected technology company's product not exactly in line with my IT men's mind? The strange thing is that you can't find any wattage information. It's also particularly disturbing. . . .

In order not to waste the double eleven minus 500 coupons, only a playbar can be bought at a certain east. The next morning, they rushed to Xujiahui to visit major brands and listened to fungus. . . If you don't have a Harman good plan, return it.

The SONOS store on the fourth floor of Metro City is decorated like a cafe, full of youthful energy. The waiter was especially enthusiastic and in place (the teeth were still very white). The function of holding the iPad Pro at the scene to freely switch between 2.0/2.1/3.1/5.1 was just the same as that of the old man. However, taking into account the noisy environment on the scene, there are bear children to try to see Transformers refused to go. In addition, the clerk explained that the SONOS devices are dynamically adjusted power and there are no relevant parameters. People are very hesitant. Explaining Harman SB35's folds with the clerk and trying to listen to the meaning of the decision. I did not expect the young girl to particularly introduce the shopping malls surrounding the major audio brands. This kind of service is really eye-catching, and the seeds are buried in the heart that may require more than one hand.

Leaving SONOS, I went to the Harman store on the fourth floor of Hong Kong. As soon as you enter the door, you meet the two masters and uncles. Maybe it's because the braised weekend is too elaborate. . Lord Shu is obviously not very fond of reasoning. . After having expressed the intention of listening to SB35, Bravo did not get the same enthusiastic response as the SONOS clerk. Just a sign of being indifferent. . . . Braised himself, even if the Bluetooth was wrong to other devices immediately sprayed: "You even this thing doing?" Finally connected to the SB35, found that the phone can not adjust the volume. Braised a few times on the volume button on the SB35, and was sprayed: "What do you press the above? The phone can tune ah." Braised to the cell phone has been turned down to a cell to Grandpa, Grandpa Say: "You have a problem with this phone..."

Forget it. . . The Harman SB35 at HK$11000.00 seems to have to wear a suit and wear a Rolex gold necklace to buy it. . Braised finally returned to SONOS, bought a full set of 5.1 playbar, playsub, play1! I went to NMD Harman SB35!

By the way, sell a Swans T200A with Lotus Head + Bluetooth plus Bluetooth radio. You help me with fungus, I don't want to eat earth. . .

Well, the forced consumption process was introduced. . Get out of the box! ~

Let's open Play 1 first.

Very simple packaging

Velvet package

In addition to the power cable, nothing else

The host came

Super convenient high-tech tuning method

Sub came

Accessories are also very simple

Still wrapped in flannel

Aoshan Zhenmu

Paint exterior

Just take the two Play1's boxes.

Take a look at the official highlights of Sub.

Rich bass

SUB fills the room with a rich layer of bass, reproducing realistic chords, kicks, splashes, and rolling sounds. Excellent sound effects are not only sweet, but also immersive and dedicated.

Bass deep box stability

Two loudspeakers with anti-shake technology stand against each other, and even if the volume is large, no box movement or noise will occur.

One-click setting

No wiring setup is required. Just press the Play/Pause button and follow the easy instructions on the Sonos App. The system automatically adjusts the audio settings to balance the SUB and other Sonos speakers for a better home listening experience.


Wireless connection, perfect design, place the SUB upright or horizontally in any place in the room you want, such as lying under the sofa.

Through the use of App's network, you will be free to control 2.1 2.0 5.1. It's very touching. And it's the same sound quality. . .

Finally, I hope that everyone will bless my dog ​​and don't try my Sub. .

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