Guangdong will raise the average price of electricity from high prices by 2 tomorrow.

With the approval of the National Development and Reform Commission, Guangdong Province will adjust the price of electricity from May 1st. Among them, the on-grid price of coal-fired power plants will increase by 1.91 cents/kWh (including tax), and the on-grid price of oil-fired power plants will be appropriately raised in different price zones. After the adjustment of the on-grid price, the average selling price of Guangdong Province will increase by 2.5 points/kWh (including tax).

At the same time, the reporter was informed that the adjustment of electricity prices will not adjust the residential electricity price, agricultural production electricity price, rice field drainage and electricity price, and fertilizer production electricity price.

The relevant person in charge of the Provincial Price Bureau said that the increase in electricity prices was due to the rising coal prices and the rising oil prices in the international market. The cost of power generation enterprises also increased significantly. To ensure the normal production of power generation enterprises, the guidance has become increasingly prominent. The contradiction of electricity prices, the National Development and Reform Commission officially launched the coal-electricity price linkage mechanism, according to which Guangdong Province combined price adjustments.