Interview with Chen Yansheng, Chairman of China Lighting Association (Photos)

Chen Yansheng, Chairman of China Lighting Association Chen Yansheng, chairman of the China Lighting Association, is one of the founders of the "Light Fair". He has participated in previous Light Fairs, witnessed the development of the lighting industry in Guzhen, and witnessed the improvement of the level of the exhibition. How will the lighting industry in the ancient town be upgraded and developed with the help of the Light Fair? What is the trend of the exhibition in the future? With these questions, the reporter made an in-depth interview with Chen Yansheng. Reporter: What impression do you have on this "Light Expo", what new highlights and new feelings compared with the previous session? Is there any breakthrough in the design, style and quality of the lighting exhibited at this year's "Light Expo"? Chen: The general feeling is that after a year of efforts, the lighting industry is larger than before and the quality has improved. Judging from the situation of the exhibition, this year, many of the original walls on the second floor were demolished and made into brand pavilions. I think this may be better.

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