Trilux offers new lighting design for schools (Figure)

Editor's note: Trilux Lighting recently worked with Atkins Construction to design a lighting system for the Springfield Special High School in Oxfordshire, England. These lighting systems are designed to meet the lighting needs of students with disabilities, so the lighting requirements and standards throughout the school are relatively high and need to meet the special school education BB87 standard. The lighting design of each classroom is different, which is also to meet the needs of different types of students. Of all the lighting design, the important point is of course that it can not affect daily activities. The lighting in the classroom is mainly to provide soft general lighting, and then compensated by the sun from the traditional windows and skylights, the effect is very good. There is a room for calmness next to each classroom where students can calm down and calm down. The lighting design in this place must be soft and full of firepower. The lighting in this place uses a corner reflection design, and all designs do not see any sharp edges and movable places. The most professional place is the sensory test classroom. A variety of lighting and sound systems are used in this area to measure the sensory abilities and awareness of each student. The equipment used consisted of fiber optics, a color wheel and a light-filled tube that was tested primarily by emitting a stimulating spectrum. From the test results, we can see how environmental factors affect people's behavior. Deep disability behavioral disorders are often caused by confusion, so a bright, ventilated environment will help students recover. ——Information extracted from China Lighting Trade Network