"Network Public Relations" and "Hyco" in Internet Marketing

Editor's Note: On the web, no one knows that you are a dog. In the primary network era, this sentence still has a certain reason, and after the rapid evolution of the network, if the network is also regarded as the main propeller of the mass entertainment era, this is undoubtedly a derogation of the network. When the traditional media exploration is almost exhausted, the traditional marketing model is too old-fashioned and futile, the network will appear as a subversive face, and with all kinds of network hot events that have never been seen before, the network will also be from the primary. The entertainment platform has risen to become a more valuable media platform and commercial platform. But watching the "celebrities" of the Internet age, the speed of its success is much higher than that of any traditional media. From Xuecun, Muzimei to Sister Furong, February Shantou, and even the super-super girl movement, all of them are formed by the network in a short time. Hotspots with great value, hotspots directly bring benefits, Xuecun is red, Muzimei is famous, February Shantou begins to be a guest, Super Girl is crazy commercialization, the network has completely become a new commercial carrier, always acting as a market propeller character of. The Internet has also become the largest, most differentiated, and most diverse segment of the market. A website can often bring together the most specific people with dominant habits. The number of these people is increasing geometrically with the rapid spread of the network. In the business age, this will be an unprecedented, subversive super market often in this market, hot events that can attract people's attention will become the biggest winner in the online market, how to use such events or use Public relations means to plan and manufacture such hot events will be the direction of marketing in the future network era. Huapu Xu Gang posted, is it hype? Is it public relations? The network camps such as Tianya and Maopu have always been places where hot events have never been seen. Some time ago, Tianya Community once produced such a hot spot, that is, Xu Gang, the boss of Shanghai Maple Automobile, and a Tianya netizen. The incident originated from the netizen whose ID is “Four Seas and One Family 99”. The question about the operation and marketing strategy and model of Huapu Automobile was published in the Tianya Economic Forum. The post name is “To Xu Gang, President of Shanghai Maple Automobile” A letter, the text is fiercely worded, and is screaming at Huapu. Once the post was published, it immediately caused a lot of repercussions in the Tianya Economic Forum, and the traffic volume went all the way. A week later, Xu Gang, the boss of Huapu Automobile, responded with a solemn copy of “Huapu Xu Gang”. The post was titled “Response to the Friends of the Four Seas and One 99”. The two posts were first and foremost in the end of the world for half a month. After the recommendation of the main version of Tianya, it is in the position of the headlines of the world, and attracted the attention of a large number of netizens. Regardless of the content of the two posts, but looking at the matter itself, Shanghai Maple can say that the proceeds through this incident are quite numerous. The original stickers of the four seas and one family created 40,000 hits on Tianya. The number of hits of Huapu Xugang’s replies was more than 44,000. If the number of registered netizens in Tianya community is more than 200,000, it can be estimated. One-fifth of the netizens have paid attention to the Huapu incident, and this number does not include the other postings other than the two posts, and the number of hits is also very impressive. At the same time, the blog of Xupu’s boss Xu Gang’s blog has also soared. Searching for “Wappu Tianya” on Baidu, there will still be more than 480,000 pieces of information. Together, these data together show the great value created by the two posts. .

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