Weiss Lighting: Don't ask for the biggest but better

LEDs, light-emitting diodes, are changing the traditional lighting trend, and the time and space are glazed by the changing lights. So what can LED bring to this colorful world? Who is leading the market? What is the potential of the LED market in the future world? With a series of topics of concern to the industry, our reporter approached Shenzhen Weiss Lighting Technology Co., Ltd., and the general manager of the company, Zhong Zaibai, had a pleasant conversation with the reporter. Weiss's positional reporter (hereinafter referred to as the note): Weiss Lighting, like a young girl, came with a mysterious veil. So, when you face a consumer who doesn't know "Weiss", how do you introduce "Weiss"? Zhong Zaibai (hereinafter referred to as Zhong): I used to be a distributor of LED products. I also saw the defects in these products in the process of distributing such products, and decided to develop new products independently. It can be said that as a LED network intelligent lighting design technology, system control, lighting production company, Weiss Lighting is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, production, sales and engineering services of LED lighting products. The company always insists on creating competitive products and professional services to expand the domestic and international markets. After many years of hard work, the technical content of LED digital lighting control system and LED lighting products independently developed by Weiss has been at the leading level in the same industry. Reporter: So, after the launch of Weiss Lighting, can the high-end positioning support this day? Bell: Let me first declare that there is a control technology application before we have Wiss lighting. If there is no technology to guarantee, talk about any lighting is virtual. Therefore, this tells consumers that Weiss Lighting is a sunrise industry, a new company that has grown up on the shoulders of “giants”. This “giant” is a mature control technology. It is applied to light source manufacturing based on the mature networked intelligent lighting design technology and system control technology. The combination of the three strengths determines that Weiss Lighting is bound to take the high-end products. Weiss Lighting is not necessarily eager to do the most, but strives to do better.

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