The lighting industry fully enters the strategic brand stage after five years

Zhao Hui Introduction

Chairman of Guangzhou Himalayan Advertising Co., Ltd. (Guangzhou 4A Advertising Company, China Top 50 Advertising Company), one of the top ten planning experts in China, and concurrently acting as Executive Deputy General Manager of Skyworth Group Marketing Headquarters. “Super advertisers” across marketing, brand, creativity and media have created: “Love has been working hard”, Skyworth Health TV “It’s healthy without flashing”, Huiquan Beer “cool and unhappy, finished drinking” Let's talk about "waiting for dozens of famous cases. Himalayan Advertising Co., Ltd. also has many years of comprehensive services such as Skyworth Group, Malata Group, Galana Cosmetics, China Telecom, Hengan Group, Jieke Electronics, Yibao Pure Water and other domestic famous brands.

Lack of brand awareness leads to the “difficult production” of the mass brand

Reporter (hereinafter referred to as the note): Hello, Mr. Zhao, as a 4A advertising company CEO, has considerable experience in brand operation, what is the main reason for the lack of mass brand in the lighting industry?

Zhao Hui (hereinafter referred to as Zhao): The reasons for this problem are various. In general, it can be divided into two major aspects: objective factors and subjective factors. The objective factors are mainly that the scale of most enterprises in the whole industry is too small, and there are not many enterprises that sell hundreds of millions of dollars. Due to budgetary restrictions, the cost of promoting brand promotion is too small. For example, a company with annual sales exceeding 100 million yuan is distributed to more than 30 provinces and autonomous regions in the country, and is divided into 12 months. In fact, the average monthly sales in each province is less than 2.5 million, compared with other In the industry, it is very rare, and it is not realistic to invest in large-scale advertising to create a mass brand. On the other hand, entrepreneurs in the lighting industry are also lacking in brand awareness, which is the main reason. As the development of the whole industry is not mature, objectively speaking, the professional quality, brand awareness and management level of entrepreneurs in this industry are relatively backward. The leaders of many lighting companies saw large expenditures for brand promotion and promotion, and did not anticipate the effects of big brands.

Reporter: The promotion of the peak season seems to be very normal for manufacturers, businesses and consumers. However, the reporter interviewed some large lighting companies on this issue and found that most of them are unwilling to make promotions. The reason is that they are afraid that the promotion will cause the brand to “drop the price”. What do you think of this?

Zhao: This is still a matter of consciousness. It can also be said that the industry is more difficult to get out of the public brand. McDonald's, KFC and other catering companies, brand-name watches, fashion, automotive, IT products, many industries have reached the peak season, the promotion is very strong, but its brand does not "price drop", but has won the favor of more consumers. In my opinion, the promotion planning is comprehensive, consistent with the brand positioning, and an excellent promotion that meets the needs of the target consumer group is an effective investment in brand reputation. The key to promotion is to grasp the principle that promotion should bring consumers an extra feeling. In order to save costs, some enterprises do not match the products in the gift packaging, quality and taste given in the promotion. The "price drop" cannot be ran away. If you can choose a professional advertising company to plan, there will never be such a problem. Once the brand is established, it will benefit for a long time.

Reporter: Many enterprises in the lighting industry pay great attention to the construction of channel networks, and work very seriously with agents and distributors. There is not much attention to consumers. The feeling is that the channel is very dependent. You think Is this normal?

Zhao: In fact, not only the lighting industry, but almost all other industries are more dependent on the channel. The difference is that the lighting industry differs from other industries in terms of thinking. Limited by the limitations of capital and awareness, the lighting industry is still in the stage of low-level competition for channels, and has not risen to the stage of high-level competition in brand possession. Enterprises believe that possessing channels, sales can be guaranteed, but in fact, what really guarantees sales is the brain of the consumer. If a brand is established in the minds of consumers, its designated purchase rate is high, can sales not go up? Moreover, once the brand possession is formed, as long as the company itself does not have problems, it is difficult to be replaced. For example, Ou Pu often makes image advertisements in some high-end home decoration and fashion newspapers. It is “flattened” with some internationally renowned sanitary ware and furniture brands, which naturally enhances its brand image and enables people to choose after purchasing Weifang furniture products. The first thing that comes to mind when lighting products is Op. Although this brand influence requires a relatively large investment, once it is formed, the sales and recognition will be very high and stable for a long time.

Report: For the promotion and establishment of brand image through advertising, activities and other promotional methods, some lighting companies responsible person does not agree, as long as they do things in a down-to-earth manner, one step at a time, the company will certainly develop, advertising does not necessarily have an effect And, if you really rely on advertising to promote the brand, for such a counterfeit industry, people follow up, and the price drop, it has become "self-planting trees, people to enjoy the cool".

Zhao: I don't need to say more about the first question. I understand that Oupu has done it. They have started advertising on CCTV this year. Their status in the industry is also well known. For the second question, the so-called worry is not necessary. Although the risk of counterfeiting is there, companies can avoid it by advertising the brand in advertising. After a brand is established, the company will benefit for a long time. Mengniu and Wang Laoji have adopted a large-scale advertising campaign. Now people buy yogurt and associate it with Mengniu sour milk, and must have super women on it. Buy Wang Laoji will definitely choose Red cans, similar products did not follow the "profit", because people buy the brand first, then the product. After 5 years, the brand competition stage will come

Reporter: According to the historical law of the development of the industry, once it develops to a certain extent, there will be a popular brand. Which of the companies in the lighting industry are most likely to be the first to become a mass brand? And, if other lighting companies want to build a mass brand, how to do it?

Zhao: Any product has two attributes: material level attribute and spiritual level attribute. Brand products are often excellent both. At present, I think that NVC, Opp, Huayi and other companies are ahead of the brand building, and have achieved certain results. Their popularity and reputation are on the rise, but they have not yet reached the well-known level. degree. In order to create a mass brand, lighting companies, in my opinion, are generally: insist on doing a good job of products and channels, and correspondingly have advertising and promotion strategies. We have suggested to Op to establish a prominent billboard at the door of some large building materials and lighting markets. This has made many consumers know about Op, at least know what it is.

Reporter: With the improvement of people's living standards, the selection of products pays more attention to brand products, and the rapid development of the real estate industry and home improvement industry, which is closely related to the lighting industry, objectively requires the lighting industry to have a matching brand. . How many years later do you think that the lighting industry will shift competition to the brand and the industry will be centralized?

Zhao: I think that after 5 years, in some developed regions of China, the brand competition in the lighting industry will become very obvious, and the industry will have a trend of concentration. However, it will take 15-20 years to reach the stage of the brand enterprise with less than ten digits left in the color TV industry. Among them, the driving and demonstration role of industry-leading companies is very important. If some domestic lighting companies become serious industry leaders because of their serious branding, those companies that are “stable and self-sufficient”, because of the pressure of raw material costs and people’s products for brand products. There is a double pressure on high demand, either to fight for a brand or to go extinct. Only through such a stage, the entire industry can mature, and consumers will pay more attention to this industry.

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