Lighting appliances: the rapid development of the industry is still the key

In January-December, the sales volume of electric light sources and lamps reached 10.748 billion and 1.134 billion sets, of which electric light source sales increased by 4.94% year-on-year; lamp sales increased by 23.82%. From January to December, the sales revenue of the whole industry was 113.105 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 23.45%; the total profit was 4.565 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 25.13%.

In the main raw material prices in 2006: copper prices rose sharply at the beginning of the year, but fell in the second half, but still at a high level; tin prices continued to rise after May; tungsten and molybdenum products were consolidating at a high level; crude oil prices fell to a certain extent in the second half of the year. In 2006, in the import and export prices of electric light source products, the average unit price of import and export of incandescent lamps was decreasing; the average unit price of fluorescent lamps and lanterns increased slowly, but the gap between import and export prices was relatively large; the average unit price of tungsten halogen lamps was stable, and the average unit price of imports was Decline but higher than the average export unit price; the average unit price of HID lamps exports is relatively stable, it is worth noting that the average unit price of imports has dropped significantly.

Among the three listed companies in the lighting industry, Sunshine and Shell (39.88, 1.88, 4.95%) net profit increased by 34.76% and 40.6% respectively; Foshan Lighting (19.20, -0.06, -0.31%) main business only increased by 1.3 %, relying on investment income, its net profit also increased by 8.15%. Among the three listed companies, Foshan Lighting and Zhejiang Sunshine (20.49, 0.00, 0.00%) have chosen the strategy of integrating domestic market with cost-effective products. It is expected that the concentration of domestic electric light source market will gradually increase.

At present, China's lighting electrical industry resources are still relatively scattered, the company's small scale product variety is single, independent innovation ability is not strong; brand influence and channel control is generally weak, especially in the commercial and lighting engineering field and global brand enterprises. Short-term risk factors for the industry include: macroeconomic regulation, raw material price increases, RMB appreciation, trade friction and anti-dumping.
The operation of China's lighting electrical industry in 2006
1. The price of major raw materials

In 2006, the price of major raw materials for lighting appliances: copper hit record highs, reached its peak in May and June, and then fell back. Currently, copper prices are still consolidating at high levels; tin prices have been rising since the beginning of 2006, hitting record highs The price of molybdenum wire has been stable since the beginning of 2005. The price has continued since 2005. A certain degree of decline.

Affected by the tight supply and demand of non-ferrous metals in the world, the price of non-ferrous metal materials used in lighting appliances is at a historically high level, and there is no sign of price easing. Due to the fierce competition in the domestic lighting electrical industry, it is difficult for electric light source manufacturers to completely pass on the rising cost of raw materials. Going out, this will weaken the industry's profits to some extent. At present, domestic lighting electrical appliance enterprises mainly carry out raw material matching in China. With the appreciation of the RMB and the integration of domestic and foreign markets, the international market allocation of raw materials for lighting electrical appliances will become a long-term trend. At the same time, large domestic enterprises can lock in prices by entering into long-term contracts with suppliers, or by tempering raw material price fluctuations through metals and crude oil futures.
2. The overall situation of the industry operation

In 2006, China's lighting industry sales, sales revenue and import and export delivery values ​​increased rapidly compared with the same period last year. From January to December, sales of electric light sources and lamps reached 10.748 billion and 1.134 billion units respectively, of which electric light source sales increased by 4.94% year-on-year; lamp sales increased by 23.82%.

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