Ma Xiuwei: A happy woman

- My name is Ma Xiuhui, this is my real name.
- No resource is actually the best resource, it can really give a person the ability to survive.
—— There are many paths to accomplish a career. Entrepreneurship is one of the most challenging and exciting ways to do business.
——Your wealth comes from the efforts of employees and the support of social resources, so you will eventually return to society.

Among the 10 “Top Ten Outstanding Persons in China's First Lighting Industry”, Ma Xiuwei, the general manager of Guangdong Op Lighting Co., Ltd., is the only woman. She is also one of the few female heroes in China's lighting industry today. The outside world believes that Ma Xiuwei may be a "workaholic" who only cares about work and lacks feelings, but the facts tell us that this is not the case. She is a happy woman!

30,000 yuan savings, the achievement of today's Op

Reporter: In 1994, you and your husband came to Zhongshan Guzhen Nothing. At that time, what belief did you rely on?
Ma Xiuwei: In 1994, I and my lover came to Zhongshan Guzhen from my hometown in Zhejiang to sell ring-shaped lamps for relatives' lighting factories. At that time, what I had to calculate every day was how many goods I sold today. The money I earned was enough to pay for rent and utilities. It is fortunate that I don’t lose money.
The days of acting as agents have lasted for more than a year. Due to the fierce competition in the accessories market, the business prospects are not optimistic. One day, the lover returned the goods and returned to me with a novel lamp. This kind of lamp is called energy-saving lamp. It is a green and healthy lighting lamp that saves energy. It will definitely become the development trend of the lamp industry in the future. When the two together, they decided to set up their own factories to do energy-saving lamps. We invested all the 30,000 yuan saved. I said to my lover at the time, if we are not successful this time, then we will never be a boss anymore, and always work! No resource is actually the best resource, it can really give a person the ability to survive.

Market differentiation affects the development of Op

Reporter: In your 8 years of development, what decisions have influenced or changed the development of Op.
Ma Xiuwei: For the first time, I just said that all of the 30,000 yuan will be invested in the manufacture of energy-saving lamps. This is the starting point of Op. But not long after, we encountered a brutal price war, and the price of energy-saving lamps on the market fell all the way. But we did not follow the big stream, but insisted on quality. The market development confirmed that our approach was correct and eventually made a beautiful turnaround.
Subsequently, Opt introduced the original inconspicuous ceiling lamp into the enterprise. At the same time, the glass lampshade of the ceiling lamp was replaced by an acrylic lampshade and placed on the market at twice the price of the market. This new marketing technique immediately won. The market has been widely recognized and has since established Oupu's market position in the ceiling lamp market.
There is also the search for a good name for the company. After repeated argumentation, the name "Opp" was finally established. Then it was the first to establish a logistics center, expand the product line, and find partners. These decisions have affected the development of Op.

Small workshops are private property, large corporations are social wealth

Reporter: Today, your assets have reached several hundred million yuan, which has been described as a huge change in wealth accumulation. Why do you now think that Op is no longer its own private property, but a social enterprise?
Ma Xiuwei: You can say that it is your own, but a company with thousands of employees and hundreds of millions of assets. You still regard it as your own private property. Can you afford it? are not you tired? When a company grows bigger, the boss must abandon the mentality of the small owner, but must use the mentality of the social enterprise to make decisions, manage and operate. Only in this way can the enterprise become bigger and stronger and can go further.
The standard for measuring one's wealth is not only the amount of assets outside you, but whether you live very freely and happily, whether your inner world is rich, how much value you create for society, and you give it to you. How much happiness people bring.

Honor is affirming your yesterday, encouragement is a kind of spur

Reporter: Under your leadership, Op Lighting has been growing rapidly since 2001. There have been many achievements in the past two years. For example, the national inspection-free products, Guangdong famous trademarks, and in the "2004 China's 500 most valuable brands" announced in July last year, became the only brand in China's lighting industry. How do you view these honors?
Ma Xiuwei: Every award is an affirmation of Opus yesterday, and it is also a spur and encouragement to us.
The same is true of the ten outstanding figures of this time. I am very grateful to the industry insiders for their support to Op, and we will continue to create more wealth for the society.

Future Op, the world's Op

Reporter: Now everyone in the industry is paying attention to every step of your actions, and they are predicting how much Op can do. What is the future of Op Lighting in your planning?
Ma Xiuwei: In the past year, Op has built a brand-name store in an all-round way, establishing a distribution network from the professional market of provincial cities to the prefecture-level market and even the county-level market. Up to now, Op has more than 6,000 sales outlets and more than 600 brand stores nationwide.
Last year, we also established Shanghai Oupu Koizumi Lighting Engineering Co., Ltd. in cooperation with Japan Koizumi Industry Co., Ltd.; and established the first overseas branch of Opp, Dubai Branch, in the Middle East. Therefore, I believe that the development prospects of the lighting industry are broad, depending on how you seize the opportunity. I firmly believe that Oupu will be the world's Op.

I want to think about my husband, give my husband some more

Reporter: People say that there must be a successful woman behind a successful man. Now, can you reverse that there is a successful man behind a successful woman?
Ma Xiuwei: I and Wang Yaohai are both life partners and entrepreneurial partners. In the enterprise, one is the chairman and the other is the general manager; in life, one is the husband and the other is the wife. These two very different roles depend on how well you are compatible. Both my lover and I can think about the problem from the perspective of the other side. Can't say that you are a husband, what should you do, I am a wife, I should do something. When you encounter a conflict, you should think more about the other side and pay more.
The relatives around you are often the most easily overlooked, but when all the prosperity and excitement are scattered, you will find that you will never be separated from you, and you must be your loved ones. The pro-people around you are the most important. Therefore, even if you are busy with work, remember to care for them, even if it is a warm look, a thoughtful statement. (Text / Zilang)

Character impression

My name is Ma Xiuhui.
All along, the industry has called this great woman "Ma Xiuwei", but on this beautiful night, Ma Xiuwei is happy, but has not forgotten another big thing - for his "right name": my name is Ma Xiuhui, this It is my real name.
If Ma Xiuwei is separated from her career background, she is an ordinary woman. From her face, she can't read the vicissitudes of hard work and the pride of career success. Some are just the pursuit and love of life.
Despite hundreds of millions of dollars, she still lives very calm, very chic and very happy. She can go for a ride in a limousine or take a tricycle with ease, and she doesn't care how much difference in status and status between the two modes of transportation. "I don't like things, don't be sad." -- Ma Xiuwei's body truly shines with this indifferent and quiet humanity.

Source: Lighting Vision