Philips Introduces Low-Power DVB-T/H Channel Decoder

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Royal Philips Electronics today announced the launch of a very small, low-power DVB-T/H channel decoder, the TDA10048HN, which uses the latest generation of silicon tuner TDA18211/18271HD to provide a very small and compact digital TV front end. This product will enable manufacturers to produce cost-effective and fast-integration products for use in any home entertainment device such as set-top boxes, DVD recorders, iDTVs, portable media players (PMPs), or multi-tuner products. For example, a personal video recorder (PVR).

This DVB-T/H channel decoder is also a coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (COFDM) demodulator that can operate at less than 160 mW, reducing the power consumption of the set-top box and is a battery The driver application provides excellent usage time. The DVB-T/H channel decoder is fully compatible with European demodulation standards, including the latest Nordig Unified and D-Book specifications.

"The ability to provide low-power and easy-to-integrate devices will drive acceptance of future digital home products," said Menno Kleingeld, senior director of marketing at Philips Semiconductors. "This DVB-T/H channel decoder not only provides the best power efficiency in the same class of products, but also ensures reliable TV reception, fast channel search and longer playback times on portable digital TV devices. Enhance the user experience. Philips' ready-to-produce reference design ensures fast time-to-market, while versatility helps manufacturers reduce material costs."

The TDA10048HN supports DVB-T 2K, 4K and 8K FFT waves and can also demodulate any DVB-H transmitted signal for portable applications. This integrated circuit includes adjacent and co-channel suppression and on-chip digital filters, adaptive echo cancellation and Doppler compensation, ultra-high-speed channel search and an enhanced "Pulse Killer" algorithm to reduce cars and individuals. Interference effects caused by impulse noise generated by computers, telephones and other home electronics.

The TDA10048HN is packaged in a 7x7mm 48-pin HVQFN with a 0.5mm pitch and an ultra-compact, low-cost PCB to meet the growing demand for smaller, smoother product lines.

The TDA10048HN is now available on test boards, along with reference designs for drivers and ready-to-produce set-top boxes, multi-tuner products and portable TV applications, helping OEMs achieve fast time-to-market at low cost.

Samples of the TDA10048HN are available now and will begin mass production in the third quarter of 2006.