Online and offline home appliances retail game 51

Online and offline home appliances retail game 51

No matter whether it is online e-commerce or offline stores, it will not miss the "May 1" gold consumer market. The traditional home appliances retailer Wuxing Electric recently announced that it will open the “May 1st” promotion in advance and conduct 100 group purchases nationwide. It wasn’t Fivestar’s one that opened the “May 1st” promotion in advance. The Beijing Business Daily reporter observed that Dazhong Electric’s promotional advertisements had long been in the subway passage. Compared to offline home appliance stores, the “May 1st” layout of the online e-commerce platform was launched earlier.

During the "May 1st" period, Five Stars will host "big group buyouts" in hundreds of places across the country such as Nanjing and Suzhou to join hands with suppliers to let consumers benefit. Dazhong Electric also put the “51” promotional poster on the publicity board of the Beijing Subway early. It is understood that Dazhong Electric has started its promotional activities ahead of schedule on April 24. The promotional period will continue until May 3. Judging from the online e-commerce business,,, and other e-commerce platforms clearly have an advantage in promoting their momentum. After Gome Online warmed up after “4·18” promotion, it immediately launched the “Hui Feng low price in Gome” promotion. Jingdong, Suning, and other e-commerce suppliers have also launched air-conditioners, color TVs and other promotional products as well as promotional pages.

Analysts in the industry said that after the online promotion of home appliance electricity providers, consumers’ shopping needs may have been overdrawn ahead of schedule. Whether the “May 1” home appliance market will achieve this year’s expectations remains to be seen.

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