Osram announced the development of the brightest LED to date

Introduction: According to foreign media reports, Osram has developed the brightest LED to date.
According to foreign media reports, Osram's German company has announced that they have developed the brightest LEDs to date. A spokesperson for the company said that the latest LED is called Ostar Lighting, and its brightness is several times that of its current counterparts. Although its working area is only six square millimeters, it produces about 40% more light than traditional 60-watt bulbs, and the energy consumption level is more than 70% lower than the latter.

Not long ago, Koreans just announced that they have produced the brightest light-emitting diodes in the world - they produce a light intensity of up to 240 bright currents, while Ostar Lighting produces light with an intensity of more than 1000 bright currents, while at the same time Only 13 watts.

Although one watt of power consumption per 75 lumens does not reach the highest energy-saving indicator of LEDs (a light-emitting diode developed in Korea can generate 100 lumens per watt of electricity), in any case, Ostar Lighting's luminous efficiency is traditional. Several times the bulb.
A comparison by Osram shows that an ordinary 60-watt incandescent lamp produces 730 bright currents, a 50-watt halogen lamp produces 900 bright currents, and an Ostar Lighting LED produces very little power. More than 1000 bright streams of light. In addition, Ostar Lighting has a lifespan of 10 times that of halogen lamps and 50 times that of ordinary incandescent lamps.

It should be noted that in order to develop Ostar Lighting, engineers used a new material made of semiconductor high-molecular polymer - it can be used to arrange up to six light-emitting elements side by side on a tiny device (each area For one square millimeter). In this way, they can be concentrated in a small range and produce bright light.

Ostar Lighting is used in a wide range of applications: for indoor lighting as well as for lighting in vehicles and public spaces.

It is reported that Ostar Lighting LED will be put on the market this summer.