Professor Chen Zhongli, senior engineer

Chen Zhongli, professor-level senior engineer, deputy chief engineer of Shanghai Modern Architectural Design (Group) Co., Ltd. In 1985, he graduated from the Industrial Electrical Automation of Chongqing Institute of Civil Engineering and Architecture. In the same year, he went to Shanghai Architectural Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd. and served as the deputy chief engineer in 2001. Graduated in Electronics and Information Engineering (Master of Engineering) in 2003. In 2003, he obtained the title of professor-level senior engineer. Has participated in the compilation of norms and standards: the national standard "Intelligent Building Design Standards", the national standard "Civil Building Electrical Design Specifications", Shanghai Standard "Weak Electrical Engineering General Bidding", Shanghai Standard "Public Building Energy Conservation Design Standards", Shanghai Standard "Architecture Electromagnetic Compatibility Design Standards, etc. The projects that have been designed include: Mauritania International Conference Center, First Yaohan New Century Commercial Building, Jinmao Tower, Shanghai Information Hub Building, Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, Shanghai International F1 Circuit, Shanghai Citigroup Building, etc. Social part-time jobs include: National Intelligent Building Information Network Director, Expert of the Building Intelligentization Technology Expert Committee of the Ministry of Construction, Leader of the Shanghai Construction System, Executive Director of the Architectural Electrical Branch of the Architectural Society of China, and Executive Director of the China Building Electrical Information Exchange and Collaboration Network, Shanghai Deputy Director and Secretary General of the Building Electrical Professional Committee of the Municipal Architectural Association, and Vice Chairman of the Shanghai Building Electrical Information Exchange and Collaboration Network. (China Lighting Lighting Network Editor: Li Tianren)