Qinhuangdao Beidaihe start lighting project

Recently, the Beidaihe District of Qinhuangdao City has fully launched the urban lighting project. This year, in the waters of Pingshuiqiao Park, the poems and scenery of “Jinhuangdao Fishing Boats” will be built.

There are five main initiatives in the lighting project in 2007: First, the Lu Xun Park and Wanggui Pavilion will be fully illuminated, and the two landscapes will be upgraded on the existing basis to create a nightscape with winding paths and starry lights. The second is to expand the scope of the “three lines” lighting, that is, install LED environmental protection energy-saving lamps on the coastal guardrails along the coastal line (“Beidaihe” to Dongsan Road), forming a lighting landscape along the coast “in the light and shadow, overlooking the sea breeze” Belt; in the middle section of Lianfeng Road (car station to Liuzhuang turntable) pine tree decoration color energy-saving LED string lights, middle green isolation belt installed under the tree buried lights; in Lianfeng North Road (from the east exit of Lianfeng North Road to the west 100m section) Install buried lights under the willow tree. The third is to beautify the coastal line beach through landscape essays and control the phenomenon of sandy soil. At present, the beach treatment project has been completed and the landscape facilities are being transformed. The fourth is to set up road signs that can be illuminated at night. In addition to Chinese and Pinyin, the signs are also marked with English and Russian foreign languages. The fifth is to provide a comprehensive introduction to the fan-shaped stone carvings of Beidaihe in the railway station square, so that tourists have a preliminary understanding of Beidaihe's history, politics, economy, culture and environment, and increase tourists' interest in exploring Beidaihe.

This year, four fishing boats will be set up in the waters of Pingshuiqiao Park, and the nets will be pulled on the masts of the fishing boats. The laser light will make the lighting clear and the picture clear, forming the landscape effect of the mirage. At that time, the poetry and scenery of "fishing boats outside Qinhuangdao" will be revisited by tourists. At the same time, this year will also be combined with Shitang Road renovation project to continue to promote dynamic neon plaques on Shitang Road. When the entire road and surrounding buildings are at the beginning of the Hua Deng, a European-style night scene with flashing lights, neon sparkles and bright colors will be formed.