Street light procurement

I. Tender No.: QZCGZ2007001
II. Project Name: Quanzhou Chengjian State-owned Assets Investment Co., Ltd. Street Lamp Purchasing Purchasing Method: Open Bidding 3. Requirements for Bidding Goods:
The number of goods name specifications double pick asymmetric street lamp pole 10m high, the light source is 250w+150w high pressure nano lamp 55 sets Note: The specific parameters of the lamp post and lamp are shown in the drawing paper, the bid supplier must provide 1 meter long belt before submitting the bidding documents. Taper and inspection port, lamp post flange, spray lamp pole and lamp samples are selected by the judges and purchasing units. If the sample does not meet the requirements of the purchasing unit, it is regarded as invalid.
Requirements: 1. Light pole, lamp fork and base should be made strictly according to the shape, specifications and size requirements shown in the drawings.
2. The lamp post is fortified according to the earthquake resistance level 7, and the wind resistance level 12, and the waterproof measures are reliable.
3, the pole material should be executed according to the requirements of the drawings, and it is not allowed to refill it.
4, lighting requirements: reasonable light distribution, high light efficiency, good sun protection performance, uniform spray no foam, not easy to fade. High-pressure sodium lamp (product energy efficiency value meets the requirements of energy efficiency evaluation value in GBI9573-2004 "High-pressure sodium lamp energy efficiency limit value and energy efficiency rating"), high-pressure sodium lamp ballast (product efficiency value meets GBI9574-2004 "high pressure sodium lamp ballast energy efficiency limit value" And the requirements of the energy saving evaluation value). The lamp is made of aluminum die-casting, electrostatic spraying after surface treatment (color to be determined); high-strength tempered glass translucent cover; flexible silicone rubber sealing tape; upper cover opening mode, fasteners are metal fasteners; electrical appliances provided by bidders ( Sodium lamp ballasts, triggers, compensation capacitors, RT14 fuses are all installed in the fixture.
5, light source, electrical appliances can be selected in Nanjing Sanle, Guangdong Osram, Shanghai Philips, the standard of the selected brand should not be lower than the reference brand grade, and the quality technical requirements of the selected brand must meet or exceed the requirements of the procurement documents. Otherwise their bid will be rejected.
6. The protection level of the lamp is: IP65; the level of anti-electric shock is: Class 1; the power factor is above 85, and the lightning rod is grounded inside the lamp post.
7, process requirements: the pole should be continuous automatic arc welding. The hot-dip galvanizing layer is uniform and the thickness is not less than 65um; after hot-dip galvanizing, it should be passivated, and the sprayed plastic has good adhesion.
8, light poles, lamps, light source electrical materials products are in line with the current national product standards.
9. The winning bidder shall provide the original unit of the steel material guarantee to the purchasing unit at the time of delivery, and the electrical parts shall also provide relevant warranty information and product certification.
10. Light pole luminaires should strictly implement safety operation specifications during loading, unloading, transportation and stacking to avoid impact and prohibit throwing.
11. When the light poles are transported, loaded, unloaded or stacked in batches, they should be arranged in layers and staggered, causing the paint to fall off. The supplier should be responsible for sending people to repair them in time.
See Part II, Project Contents and Technical Specifications, for details.
Fourth, the bidder qualification:
1Product manufacturer has the qualification to produce lamps and has the quality system ISO9001 or ISO9002 certification.
2 Bidding light source and electrical appliances must have CQC or 3C certification.
3 The bidder must be an independent corporate legal person with a registered capital of more than 8 million yuan (including 8 million yuan).
Any bidder who is willing to accept the invitation to participate in the bidding will apply to the Quanzhou Municipal Government Procurement Center and receive the bidding documents.
V. Sample submission deadline: February 1, 2007 at 5:30 pm
Deadline for submitting bid documents: February 2, 2007 at 9:00 am
Sixth, the opening time: February 2, 2007 at 9:30 am
7. Bidding and Bid Opening Location: Quanzhou Municipal Government Procurement Center (4th Floor, Quanzhou Administrative Service Center, No. 160, Miaoyun Street, Fengze District, Quanzhou City)
8. Purchasing unit: Quanzhou Chengjian State-owned Assets Investment Co., Ltd. Contact: Long Zhigeng Tel: Nine. For any inquiries about this bidding, please contact the Quanzhou Municipal Government Procurement Center before January 29, 2007.
X. Receiving unit: Contact person of Quanzhou Municipal Government Procurement Center: Xiao Li Tel: 0595-22132297 Fax: 0595-22132291
Bank of deposit: Quanzhou Commercial Bank Hisense Branch Account No. 11. The right to interpret this bid belongs to Quanzhou Municipal Government Procurement Center.