Chuguang Lighting: High standards to start the brand route

Mr. Chen Shuanghui, General Manager of Foshan Nanhai Chuguang Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd. Foshan Nanhai Chuguang Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Chuguang Company) has only had its own brochures and has placed advertisements on TV stations and websites for only four months. It shows that its brand awareness is strong. However, the outside publicity is only an aid. Mr. Chen Shuanghui, the founder of Foshan Nanhai Chuguang Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd., knows that quality is the biggest bargaining chip. Therefore, in the "high quality, excellent price" concept, in just a few months, the company changed from a production line to two production lines, with a monthly output of more than 2 million, which has emerged in the lighting industry. The so-called "brand" is a name, mark or design, or a combination of its use, the purpose of which is to identify the product or service of a seller or a group of sellers, and obviously with the competitor's products or services. The difference is open. Brand is the result of market competition. When we buy goods now, we must first ask “what brand”, which actually means that this kind of goods has a considerable position in the hearts of consumers. It can be seen that the brand is product quality and corporate reputation. Guarantee! It is undeniable that a good leader has a decisive role in the survival and development of enterprises. At the beginning of its establishment, Chuguang Company was hit by wall because of its lack of popularity and influence. Employees complained from time to time that the business development was difficult. The general manager of Chen Shuanghui, who has been in the lighting industry for 13 years, relies on rich experience to judge that a light source enterprise develops and grows closely with the brand. Relevant, good quality is the first step to establish a brand. Therefore, from the beginning of its establishment, Chu Guang has positioned itself as a “high-end” with the idea of ​​starting from a high starting point, and has hired a group of top talents with more than 10 years of technology and management in the lighting electrical industry. The introduction of international advanced fully automated production lines and advanced, complete testing equipment. The quality of the product is characterized by a series of accurate data, which requires a third-party certification body to issue a certificate after testing the product to prove that the product is qualified. Although Chuguang is a newcomer in the industry, a series of product certifications are sufficient to prove its quality is stable and reliable. When talking about quality, Mr. Chen is very confident. He said: "I am very confident about our quality. Generally, before mass production, we will make samples for our customers first, and customers generally respond well.

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