The lamp has a color effect sticker

Following the labeling of the energy-saving signs on washing machines, air conditioners, and refrigerators, the lamps may be labeled similarly. The author learned from the Municipal Economic Commission yesterday that the relevant departments will study and implement the energy efficiency labeling system for two to three lighting products to facilitate the public to purchase energy-saving lamps.

The use of high-efficiency energy-saving lamps instead of ordinary incandescent lamps can save 60%-80% of electricity and has a huge potential for saving electricity. However, at present, the overall technical level of the lighting electrical industry is not high, and some inferior products have affected the promotion of efficient lighting products.

In this regard, relevant departments will further accelerate the promotion of green lighting, strengthen energy-saving certification of lighting products, improve and implement energy efficiency standards for lighting products, and establish a market access system.

The author also learned from the relevant meeting held by the Municipal Economic Commission yesterday that the "Shanghai Energy-Saving Products Application Recommended Catalogue" (the first batch) has been announced, for intelligent standby power-saving sockets, electromagnetic induction lamps and other products closely related to the lives of citizens. Specific explanations and recommendations have been made, such as the standby energy consumption of power-saving outlets should be reduced to below 0.5W, which has an effective guiding role for enterprises and families.