Energy-saving analysis of intelligent lighting systems

Intelligent lighting control systems are widely used in the construction field, no matter where they are indoors, outdoors, or in small and small places. The system is an ideal lighting control equipment for office buildings, hotels, entertainment venues, commercial Chinese people, sports venues, apartment villas, and courtyard attractions.

With the further promotion of the EIB system in the Chinese market, the ABB i-bus? EIB system will increasingly show its unique advantages, bringing users a variety of functions and development in intelligent building technology. Take the lead. Why, you can analyze it from its energy saving.

Centralized management to reduce man-made waste

In modern high-rise office buildings, the artificial waste of lighting energy is still very serious. No matter whether someone is in the room or not, it is often a "long light." The intelligent lighting system can be decentralized and centrally managed. In the central control room of the building, the administrator can turn off the lights of the unmanned room by operating the keyboard.

Automatic dimming, making full use of natural light

The light-sensing switch in the intelligent lighting system controls the lighting switch by measuring the illuminance of the working surface and comparing it with the set value, so that the natural light can be utilized to the maximum extent, thereby achieving energy-saving purposes, and providing a season and an external A relatively stable visual environment affected by the climate. Generally speaking, the closer to the window, the higher the natural illumination, so that the illumination provided by the artificial illumination is low, but the synthetic illumination should be maintained at the design illumination value.

Automatic dimming to maintain consistent illumination

When a general lighting designer designs a new building, it will take into account that the efficiency of the luminaire and the reflectivity of the room wall will continue to decay over time. Therefore, the initial illuminance is set higher, this design not only causes the illumination of the building to be inconsistent, but also causes unnecessary waste due to the high illumination design. After adopting the intelligent lighting system, although the illumination is still high, but because of the intelligent dimming, the system will maintain a constant illumination of the illumination area according to the preset standard brightness, without being reduced by the efficiency of the lamp and the attenuation of the wall reflectance. Impact, which is one of the reasons why intelligent lighting control systems can save energy.

Easy installation and cable saving

ABB's intelligent lighting system uses two-core control, which uses the EIB bus to connect the various input, output and system components in the system. The large-section load cable is directly connected to the lighting fixture or other power from the output of the output unit. Load without having to go through a smart switch. It is not necessary to consider any control relationship during installation. After the entire system is installed, the address code of each unit is set by software to establish a corresponding control relationship. Since the system only uses the load cable connection between the output unit and the load, compared with the conventional control method, a large number of cables originally connected to the ordinary switch are saved, the installation time is also shortened, and labor costs are saved.

Extend the life of the lamp

The fatal cause of lamp damage is the overvoltage of the grid, as long as the overvoltage can be controlled to extend the life of the lamp. The intelligent lighting control system adopts a soft start method, which can control the grid surge voltage and surge voltage, protect the filament from thermal shock, and prolong the life of the lamp. Intelligent lighting system can generally extend the life of lamps by 2~4 times, which not only saves a lot of lamps, but also greatly reduces the workload of replacing lamps, effectively reducing the operating cost of the lighting system. It is special for areas where lamps are used and installation is difficult. significance. The intelligent lighting control system can not only meet the requirements of convenient control, lighting effects, etc., but also due to considerable energy saving effect (20%~50% power saving) and extended lamp life (2~4 times longer lamp life). Achieving economic returns in reducing operating costs, and eliminating most of the power distribution control equipment required for conventional lighting, greatly simplifies and saves on the work of pipe routing. In addition, intelligent lighting systems have potential value returns. For example, intelligent control systems can make the whole system work in the most comfortable state, thus ensuring people's physical and mental health and improving work efficiency.