Tips for exporting domestic enterprises to domestic sales strategy (below)

The road to transformation of domestic sales (market strategy thinking) relative to export sales, domestic sales of light enterprises is another unique new business model. According to the consulting experience of the milestone consultant for many years, the exporting of light enterprises to the domestic market must follow the following strategic development "road map": 1. Market research and analysis: the domestic market has a key to lock, one place, one policy, one market, one consumption, consumption Diversified needs, we must fully understand the market and conduct market segmentation. Otherwise, it is very easy to get rid of the soil. 2, understand the opponent: to identify their location and advantages and disadvantages. 3. Conduct company capability assessment and competitiveness factor allocation: clarify the company's own competitive advantage and market ability. 4. Do a good long-term development plan: carry out reasonable brand positioning, market positioning and product positioning. 5. Develop a marketing model: clarify the marketing strategy method and channel operation combination configuration. 6, improve the marketing organization structure, the introduction of professional talents, can use a large number of "wild dog gang" marketing staff to create a "group wolf team." 7. Establish a real market management and control system and marketing service system. 8. Develop a complete brand marketing management system and training system. 9. Establish an information resource integration system. 10. Market operation and brand communication: Start with the operation of the regional market, “point-to-face line” to create “four-dimensional integrated model after the tide of the city to gradually replicate; at the same time carry out the effective dissemination of the brand. 11, the continuous summary of marketing operations, Analysis and evaluation and optimization of innovation. 12, rapid communication combination, creating momentum and market synchronization, forming a marketing synergy, and finally, as Kotler marketing masters put forward, "competing with speed and differentiated strategies, replacing sales with marketing, successfully plundering the market Special thinking: Be cautious about branch offices, offices and logistics centers! Opening branches, offices, logistics centers and other branches must have a well-established management mechanism and operational model to back up, and establish a complete set of The information resource integration system, in time to understand the dynamics of each branch and office, facilitates the direct control of the company headquarters. Highly pay attention to the control of the parent culture of the headquarters. The problem that needs to be seriously considered! 1. What is the most important business mission of the company? What are the long-term goals? 2. How to make employees clear the goals of the company and coordinate The willing behavior of the workers, to work together to achieve the corporate development goals? 3, how to transform the development goals of the enterprise or the goals of the managers into the goals of the managers, so that they can consciously and consciously achieve the goals of the organization or management Working hard and wholeheartedly? 4. What are the advantages (advantages) of transferring to the domestic market? Is the marketing team's ability and quality configuration reasonable? 5. In what areas is the company progressing smoothly? What is the most important improvement? 6. The next three years will be fought. What are the challenges facing China? 7. What are the core competitiveness of the company at home? Is it sustainable? 8. What are the resistances and costs of entering the domestic market? Can you afford it? Is it worth it? 9. How is the quality of communication between the various departments of the company? Can you keep up with the pace of future development of the company? 10. Can the company's management and marketing team system be able to meet the challenges of the domestic market in the future? 11. The company's operators do How big is the determination of the brand and the market? Can you bear the pain and pain of doing the brand? 12. How can we make a unique personal hero in China? The spirit of the righteousness and collectivism is organically unified to achieve the overall performance level of the team with 1+1> 2? 13. How to operate the next market expansion and promotion? 14. How to make the organization as an organic whole, timely Effectively respond quickly to the dynamic changes in the domestic market environment, to seize more market opportunities, avoid the market cycle crisis, and achieve the stable development of the enterprise itself. 15. How to get familiar with the laws of human and cultural characteristics in the local business competition as soon as possible?