145 million U.S. dollar EU tax case, proud of the apple did not hire any lobbying company

According to the "Wall Street Journal" report, although Apple is trying to deal with the European Union Commission's $14.5 billion tax payment, it has not hired any lobbying companies and public relations activists to help themselves.

It is usually necessary to lobby companies in this fight with the European Commission. However, Apple did not establish European lobbying groups like many American technology companies to avoid potential negative investigations and legislation, such as copyright and Internet-based communication business rules. Apple's collection of relevant information from the European Commission in the past two years has been unsuccessful. According to public documents, the iPhone manufacturers spent less than 900,000 euros in lobbying in the European Union in 2015 and did not employ any full-time lobbyists. Only five people work part-time.

In contrast, Google spent at least 4.25 million euros last year and employed more than 10 full-time lobbyists. Other U.S. technology companies, including Amazon and Qualcomm, are also trying to convince the European Commission and the European Union’s antitrust regulators that their tax plans or pricing policies do not violate its rules.

John Frank, Microsoft’s vice president of European affairs, said, “You may not agree with their practice, but this is the center of industry rulemaking.” Microsoft used to spend roughly the same amount of lobbying fees last year as Google reversed its antithesis. Monopoly litigation. Since the 1990s, the committee has initiated various investigations aimed at regulating the behavior of U.S. Internet technology companies. This directly led to the European Union surpassing the United States in lobbying the number of registered institutions. According to Transparency International. As of September 7, the number of lobbying agencies registered in the European Union was 9,556, and the United States was 9,726.

About how the company operates some of the CEOs, including Apple's Tim Cook and Google CEO Sandor Picai, are prepared to go to Brussels to directly discuss with the European Union’s chief of the anti-monopoly Margrethe Vestager to clarify its position. Google executives recently emphasized the importance of "educating" the EU parliamentarians in the normal operation of the company.

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