Feng Zhou commented this week: Ren Zhengfei is busy building a laboratory, and Luo is busy ruminating every day.

Welcome to this week's front commentary, this week can be said to be all over the sky flying all kinds of rumors, all kinds of speculation, all kinds of YY. Of course, there are no winds and no waves. There are rumors that there are rivers and lakes. There are more or less undescriptable things.

This is no, there have been recent news that Xiaomi wants to buy a hammer. Alas, it is hard to imagine that the brain fills up the screen: Xiaomi + rifle, hammer + sickle, image of the communist successor shining throughout the machine industry.

Slowly, isn't the hammer already selling some of the shares to Ali? Why join Xiaomi. Some people claimed that Ali holds a hammer technology debt, mainly for the layout of Alibaba Cloud, and has nothing to do with the mobile phone business.

In the last month, there was also news that the hammer was acquired by LeTV and was denied by the old Luo. So in the end there was no trade with Xiaomi. Hammer Technology responded by saying, "It's nothing."

Zhao Hejuan: Wait for the hammer T3 pan out at that moment, and respect everyone who has a dream to do things seriously.

Ding Ding loves to take the opportunity: the acquisition does not purchase, the most important thing is to look at the meaning of the old Luo, now look at the old Luo also want to continue to control the company, only and Ali cooperation, Ali only invest and responsible for marketing planning, soft and hard or old Luo himself said For example, this is what Lao Luo and Luo Fen want to see. Let Xiaomi and Leshi take a hammer. Either snow the hammer or kick Lao Luo away from the management.

Rumours of rumors that the status quo of the hammer is indeed worrying. The net loss of the hammer mobile phone in 2015 was 462 million yuan.

Compared to the hammer, Samsung's situation seems even worse, the trouble is still continuous, product failure eventually evolved into a national entertainment message, all kinds of paragraphs overwhelming, everyone knows. Huawei’s reputation increased dramatically after it successfully staged a show to help people block bullets last week. Recently, Huawei has made another breakthrough and announced that it has in-depth cooperation with Leica to establish a laboratory together. Ren Zhengfei personally performed the work. The most important thing is that this cooperation is not just for the camera.

Fish--Zi Qian: Huawei P9 is currently one of the most high-end mobile phones in China. It has only been released for 6 million units for a long time. Apple Samsung has sold 10 million units. It seems that there is still a gap in Huawei's global recognition.

In addition to the hammer's rumor, there is news that Baidu glutinous rice, take-out into the US group, while Ctrip sold 30% of the shares to the US group, the news of the merger will be announced on October 9. Guo Qing, general manager of the accommodation division of the Xinmei Hotel Tourism Business Group , mentioned that the merger rumors of the Xinmeida accommodation business are rivals.

Hey: Before the Uber step was not a rumor, but later still.

Of course, this week's tsunami triggered no doubt is the WeChat public platform applet, which is the previously rumors of the application number.

Lai Xinliang: New Ecology, Webapp, Future Trends, W3C Goals to be achieved by HTML5 over the years, Tencent has done a lot of work and layout in the area of ​​H3 technical standards for W3C members.

Huang Wei: If the SDK provided by the application number can bring near-original user experience to small applications, it is still very optimistic, afraid of WeChat built-in browser (wex5) various compatibility issues, known as mobile IE6

As soon as the applet came out and various rumors continued, people also had these questions:

Will the App and service number disappear? Will it disrupt the App Store; Android and iOS engineers will be laid off?

Why doesn't Apple ask for an "application number"? How can a small program be profitable; can a small company enjoy a flow bonus?

What kind of product is suitable for accessing applets; the HTML 5 applet experience is inferior to native apps?

To this end, Xiao Bian searched through all the Q&A of the “Wechat Applet” to sort out the issues that developers are most concerned about.

Color: If you look at the mobile phone industry, WeChat will make WeChat more like memory, but it can indirectly increase users' frequency for mobile phones. In particular, those Android machines with a size of less than 3G and thousands of machines will have to say 88. The article said that the 3 wave dividend, the 4th wave bonus should be the handset related hardware manufacturers

Tao: Subversion? ? ? 50 to 100 years. Reasons: Hardware: R&D, industry standards, manufacturing level; Software: code programmer's knowledge level, responsibility, philosophy. These six restrictions come from regional systems. The system is again bound by these six. To solve this relationship, only time for space to gradually integrate, rise, and innovation. - Talk about subversion again.

After WeChat launches the applet, the outside world compares the sale of Baidu's 91 wireless iOS business. In this case, it is not necessary to overestimate the WeChat applet, nor do you have to look at Baidu to sell 91.

In fact, when Baidu acquired 91 Wireless, 91's iOS business has faced the problem of piracy. On the other hand, the demand for jailbreaking is decreasing at the consumer level, and the growth of iOS business has become a big problem. It can be said that Baidu’s iOS business is a chicken rib since the acquisition of 91 Wireless. Now that people are willing to buy it, it is natural to sell it.

For small programs, the most worthy thinkers for the majority of entrepreneurs may not be the small programs themselves, but what opportunities exist in the platform after the small programs expand into a new market. For the commenters who have observed WeChat for six years and cried out to cry for WeChat to be realized, we hope that the WeChat “PPC Ranking” commenter transcribes Zhang Xiaolong’s “Run Out” quotations ten times a day.

All in all, Baidu's sale of iOS for iOS 91 does not represent the end of the mobile distribution era - that era has already ended; and the launch of micro-channel small programs does not represent the arrival of a new mobile Internet traffic distribution era - WeChat simply has no intention of this.

Adriennes Dan: Tencent said in the past few years that everything was connected. Now that the forest is big, the external environment is changing, driven by internal and external influences, and now it is going to be ecologically constructive. This is not something one can do. So, before I gave it to you, you did it yourself. Now I give you more, and we do it together.

The foreign news also said a lot. Let's look at foreign countries again. Recently, Google’s driverless car also suffered a serious car accident and collided with a truck in Mountain View.

This is the worst car accident Google has ever encountered. At that time, Google’s driverless cars were in autopilot mode. When the car entered the crossroads, it was hit by another commercial truck on the road. Its right door was seriously concave and the car airbags had all popped up. Fortunately, no casualties were reported. Google officials believe that the accident was caused by the truck driver's traffic lights, and it has nothing to do with Google's automatic driving. It is a passive victim. Fortunately, it was crashed. If it is an active crash, it is undoubtedly a deadly blow to Google Driverless.

Xiaobaibai his grandfather: This is a side impact of a truck, and autopilot is not a dime relationship. Do you still expect auto-pilot cars to automatically jump into a backflip?

This week, the small micro-camera M1, launched by Xiaomi Eco, a sports camera company, launched the first micro-camera. Small ants are one of the more than 50 eco-chain enterprises of Xiaomi, and this camera is the “millet SLR” previously rumors for a long time, but the brand is not a millet, and the product is also no anti-camera.

A few: "micro-single" is a trademark of Sony (China) Co., Ltd.

Liu: 1/100 second shutter, at least 30 meters of track, 3 kilometers per second, 10,800 kilometers per hour, less than 4 hours around the Earth, small ant smart rocket, young man's first smart rocket .

Liu Chang: Dafa: What? You are also called micro? What am I selling?

Well, the above is the front review this week. If you want your God to respond to the show, hurry to the bottom of the article to post a comment and see you next Sunday.

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