TI, Toshiba, Spreadtrum Vehicle Smart Rearview Mirror Design

As the link between the Internet, the Internet of Vehicles and the Internet of Things, the car smart rearview mirror combines the three to bring more safety, entertainment and intelligent application experience to the driving life of many car users. Automotive car smart rearview mirrors will become an indispensable part of Volkswagen's automotive products.

At present, the smart rearview mirrors on the market have independent operating systems and independent running space. Users can install programs such as software, games, navigation and other third-party service providers, and can implement wireless networks through WIFI or mobile communication networks. Access, at the same time can provide voice control, navigation, speeding reminders, driving records, GPS positioning, electronic speed reminder, reversing visual, real-time online audio-visual and other audio and video entertainment and other safety and entertainment functions when driving a car.

Smart rearview mirrors are new recorders in the form of rearview mirrors that have emerged in the past two years. The development of short-term and rapid development, such as small ants, ruts, and Zhixing Changlian, have launched their own OBD functional intelligence. Sight glass, using OBD standard interface to take power, obtain data, and realize parking monitoring function. At the 2016 International Automotive Electronics Refit Exhibition, 85% of the area is intelligent rearview mirror products. Black technologies such as ADAS, front and rear double recording, intelligent voice, and gesture control are integrated into the smart rearview mirror, which becomes the perfect intelligent robot form in the car.

Smart rearview mirror

Intelligent rearview mirrors generally must pass extreme conditions, such as temperature, continuous vibration, etc., ultra-low temperature or ultra-high temperature will cause normal operation. So what are the functions of smart rearview mirrors?

1. Driving record, the smart rearview mirror uses the built-in camera or the installed camera to record the front and rear images of the vehicle in the middle of the journey, and automatically recirculates it in the storage device of the smart mirror.

2, speed warning, the navigation software in the smart rearview mirror operating system generally has a built-in fixed electronic speed reminder, some smart rearview mirrors with radar probes, real-time detection of mobile speed and alarm sound, avoiding car speeding, ensuring safe driving at any time .

3. Reversing the car, the rear view mirror reversing view mode is more secure than watching the car car screen. After installing the reversing camera, the smart rearview mirror can display the image behind the car when reversing.

4, GPS positioning navigation, GPS, Beidou satellite or network real-time positioning, you can use the pre-installed Baidu map, Gaode navigation or Kay LiDE navigation and other navigation application software to achieve navigation, and voice broadcast navigation information. After connecting to the network, you can also broadcast real-time traffic conditions to avoid congestion.

5. Find the location of the car - the navigation function in the smart rearview mirror. After using the GPS, Beidou satellite or network positioning to obtain the exact location of the car, the smart rearview mirror can be used after connecting to the network on an authorized smartphone or tablet. A dedicated application finds the location of the car.

6. Based on the support of the network voice command library, the operating system in the smart rearview mirror can accurately resolve the user voice command and respond to realize the intelligent voice dialogue between the person and the car. Ability to recognize voices such as "call a call, open an app, play music, voice chat".

7. Bluetooth hands-free phone, smart rearview mirror adapts to smart phone, synchronizes mobile phone address book and call record; realizes the function of answering, hanging up, and avoiding calls; it can also realize car player intercom and Bluetooth synchronous mobile phone music playing; Built-in 3G network module, and friends in the car use wifi to share wireless network, online music, listen to news information; install such as WeChat, Weibo, mobile Taobao, Alipay, Himalayan, NetEase client, Tencent client and other life entertainment applications.

Here are some of the design solutions for automotive smart rearview mirrors from Toshiba, Texas Instruments, and Spreadtrum.

First, based on TI CC2541 BLE car rearview mirror solution

This reference design is an example of the application of the SimpleLinkTM Bluetooth low energy CC2541 wireless microcontroller to automotive rearview mirror applications. The circuit board includes a CC2541 control DRV8801 to control the rearview mirror folding motor, control DRV8802 to control the rearview mirror to adjust the motor up and down, and control the TPS1H100 to control the defogging heater power supply, that is, after the user can download through the smart phone App The action command of the mirror is given to the CC2541 BLE chip, and then the CC2541 transmits the command to the function chip such as DRV8801/DRV8802/TPS1H100, and the chip is then activated according to the operating conditions set by the user.

[Application scenario]

Vehicle rearview mirror solution application scenario

[scheme block diagram]

Car rear view mirror solution block diagram

[scheme characteristics]

(1) Using the TI CC2541 module for the setting of the mirror function

(2) The power supply unit uses the LM2936 LDO to power the system, and the TPS55340 powers the motor driver.

(3) Motor drive is responsible for DRV8801 / DRV8802

(4) Defogging function is responsible for TPS1H100

(5) Old models only need to replace the rear view mirror with electric control function and complete the power wiring to increase this function.

【System functions】

(1) The battery on the car provides 10~24V DC power supply

(2) DC power supply provides stable power supply to DRV8801 / DRV8802 via TPS55340

(3) DC power supply to CC2541 and LMV341 via LM2936 LDO

(4) TI BLE MulTItool Remote Control APP for Android

(5) CC2541 controls DRV8801 according to APP command for rearview mirror folding action

(6) CC2541 controls the DRV8802 according to the APP command to adjust the up, down, left, and right of the rearview mirror

(7) CC2541 controls TPS1H100 according to APP command for rearview mirror defogging function

Second, based on Spreadtrum SC7731 car rearview mirror solution

The interior rearview mirror, since its birth, has become a forgotten corner due to its single function. Recently, a well-known car manufacturer plans to put the rear view mirror on the rearview mirror in 2016, and finally pays attention to the rearview mirror for the first time in the role of the car manufacturer. Will this be a signal that the car manufacturer will slowly turn the physical rearview mirror into a car-mounted electronic component with a multi-functional combination?

On the basis of not affecting the basic functions, the vehicle rearview mirror has added vehicle functions such as driving record, electronic dog, navigation and rear view, and it is easy to install. It does not need to change the original car audio and video equipment, and will not change the original car style. It has the characteristics of convenient installation, strong versatility, convenient upgrade and strong extension. This is also the reason why car rearview mirrors have been hot in recent years.

The car rearview mirror is about to become the new darling of the future car market. The World Peace Group has also joined forces with IDH to launch the rearview mirror based on the Spreadtrum SC7731.

Vehicle rearview mirror solution based on Spreadtrum SC7731

[scheme block diagram]

Block diagram of vehicle rearview mirror based on Spreadtrum SC7731

【System functions】

Running the Android system

GSM/GPRS/EDGE/WCDMA/WIFI/Bluetooth communication

Cloud navigation, cloud driving recorder, cloud security warning system function

Front and rear driving recorder, rear view function

SOS first aid function

More than 800,000 data DSA systems, always cloud updates

Bluetooth hands-free calling

G-Sensor collision save lock

WeChat parking monitoring, monitor your car online from time to time, you can record and take pictures

WeChat access, convenient and fast

Voice control, free hands

Location track WeChat can be checked at any time

[scheme characteristics]

ARM Cortex A7 4-core processor with frequency up to 1.4GHz

Memory: 1GB DDR3; 8GB NAND/EmmC 4.5

High speed OTG USB2.0


5 million front camera; 1 million rear view

Integrated WIFI/BT/GPS/FM

Third, Toshiba smart rearview mirror solution

In recent years, driving safety has received more and more attention from the people of the country. Toshiba has also provided ICs and integrated circuits for driving safety assistance systems in this area.

Toshiba Smart Rearview Mirror Solution

[scheme block diagram]

With its excellent image processing effect, TMPV7502XBG can provide detection and identification of pedestrians or moving objects on the road. With its low power consumption and small package, TMPV7502XBG is very suitable for smart rearview mirrors and intelligent reflection. Mirror application.

Toshiba Smart Rearview Mirror Solution

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