Change of new electricity price in Hebei Province

According to the relevant regulations of the national and provincial governments, the Hebei Provincial Price Bureau issued a "Notice on Issues Related to Electricity Price Adjustment" a few days ago to properly alleviate the contradiction in the electricity price of some local coal-fired power generation enterprises in Hebei Province and regulate the order of electricity prices.

If the current on-grid tariff of local coal-fired generating units is lower than the benchmark on-grid tariff of coal-fired generating units adjusted by Hebei Province, it shall be adjusted to the corresponding on-grid tariff of coal-fired generating units.

The on-grid tariffs of cogeneration units of the Jizhongyu Thermal Power Plant of Suizhong Energy and Mining Group and Quzhai Thermal Power Plant of Luzhai Quzhuang Group were respectively adjusted to 0.415 yuan and 0.43 yuan per kilowatt-hour; the electricity generated by the power companies for their repurchases The sales price will be temporarily adjusted according to the current regulations.

The “Price Regulation of the Hebei Province Price Bureau on Adjusting the Electricity Tariff of the Electricity Grid” in the “Secondary pressurized water supply facility in the urban residential community and the heat supply for the heating facilities of the heat exchange station, all of which implement the household electricity price” is redefined as: The electricity for the secondary pressurization and the power supply for the residential heating and heat exchange station all carry out the price of electricity for residential use. After the country issues a new electricity price catalog, it will be implemented according to national regulations.

According to the "Several Opinions of the People's Government of Hebei Province on Promoting and Supporting the Construction and Development of Farmers' Specialized Cooperatives," the farmers' professional cooperatives engaged in planting, aquaculture, forestry, and peasant cooperatives to carry out primary processing and storage of electricity for their members' agricultural products. , to implement the price of electricity for agricultural production.

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