LED street light problems

ED street lights have become more and more hot in recent years. Many manufacturers have high-profile emphasis: more than 50% energy saving, long life, good light, and good maintenance. So what is the problem? According to the relevant materials, the following problems exist:

1. The power saving effect of LED street lights . In theory, power saving, but in practical applications, LED street lights are not more energy efficient than high-pressure sodium lamps. Under the premise of lighting quality standards, the high-efficiency sodium lamp high-power lamp (250~400W) has a luminous efficiency of 130~140 1m/W. The high-power LED street lamp uses 1W LED tube. In theory, its light efficiency is similar to that of high-pressure sodium lamp. However, considering the three factors of ballast loss, lamp efficiency and track utilization, considering the current energy efficiency of LED than high-pressure sodium lamp Lower. The low-power LED street light (≤150W) is 10% more energy efficient than the high-pressure sodium lamp.
2. The color problem of LED street lights. High-power LED street lights, as a road lighting source, are too cold and even gloomy in visual sense, which is not conducive to motor vehicle driving.
3. The cost of LED street lights is high. The price of the whole set of high pressure sodium lamps does not exceed 1,500 yuan. The current price of an LED street light is around 8,000 yuan. With the further development of semiconductor technology, it is expected that in the future, LED development prices will gradually decline, and energy efficiency will further increase.
4, the life of LED street lights. The average life of high pressure sodium lamps is 4 years. There is no practical experience in the service life of LED street lamps. The existing enterprises claim to be 50,000 hours, and there is no reliable basis. Because of the capacitor life of the LED driver circuit device, it is only about 10,000 hours.
5. Maintenance issues. The high-pressure sodium lamp is well maintained, and the lamp needs to be wiped without replacement. The light source is replaced once every 4 years, which is very convenient. LED street lamps, involving LED tubes, modules (including lenses, etc.), power supply devices, etc., components and components are more likely to be damaged, maintenance is difficult, it is likely to be replaced as a whole, and the cost is high.

Regardless of the source or fixture, the quality indicators specified in the Urban Road Lighting Design Standards (CJJ45-2006) should be met. Adhere to seeking truth from facts, do not whisper to "replace" what light source, the current domestic LED is also used in demonstration projects, market-oriented operations are still immature, foreign LED street lamp companies are now basically losing money.

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